YBD Translations Provided Simultaneous Translation Services for Biotherm

YBD Translations, a certified specialist of simultaneous translation services in China, is proud to announce our extensive experiences in translation for the cosmetics industry. With our years of service in the field, we provided simultaneous interpreting services for famous cosmetics brand Biotherm.

Biotherm Healing Summit

Biotherm, well-known and highly reputed in the cosmetics industry, held a ‘Healing Summit’ on September 6 in Shanghai to launch their Life Plankton Essence. ‘Healing Summit,’ as one of the biggest cosmetics events in the country, was participated by popular celebrities and highly distinguished leaders from different parts of the world. To bridge the language barrier, YBD Translations was given the opportunity to be a part of the event. Two of our senior simultaneous interpreters were responsible for the simultaneous interpretation all throughout the launch. They also handled the consecutive interpretation for the later media interview.

Biotherm Healing Summit

YBD Translations also provided simultaneous interpreting equipment. For ‘Healing Summit’, a multilingual cosmetics event in China, participants’ understanding was vital. YBD Translations used equipment that enabled our Chinese interpreters to render the speaker’s speech into different languages and distribute the interpreted speech to participants who will select and listen to the language of their choice. Interpreters working with our systems ensured that language didn’t have a barrier to accurate understanding.

Biotherm Healing Summit

YBD Translations’ equipment is highly reviewed for digital audio quality that exceeds the industry standards. It is known for scalability with a variety of language channels. It can add thousands of units to cater to large audiences or events, resulting in effective and seamless multilingual communication. YBD Translations can help everyone design the best system for a meeting and select qualified interpreters with enough experience. We also offer onsite staff for the equipment setup and operation.

Translating English to Chinese requires extensive knowledge, especially in the cosmetics industry where many chemical terminologies are involved, only the best interpreters can handle the job. With our hand-picked highest calibre interpreters, YBD stands out from the thousands of Chinese translation companies.

Biotherm Healing Summit

Interpretation of different languages needs to be as accurate as possible to convey the right message. At YBD, we are reputed for perfect and appropriate translation. Our interpreters are professionally multilingual because they undergo a continuing professional education to align their performance with the company’s objectives. We remain dedicated to providing error-free and high-quality services in the country.

About YBD Translations:

Looking for simultaneous interpreting services in China? YBD Translations is the company to trust. From interpreters to equipment, we have the most reliable solutions for all. Our unmatched commitment to accurate translation makes us the leading option for businesses in the cosmetics industry. Be part of our growing list of happy clients today! We are always on the go to answer everyone’s inquiries.

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