YBD Translations Provided Medical Interpreting Services for CTAD

From September 1st to 3rd, YBD Translations has been entrusted by our client, CTAD, Clinical Trial on Alzheimer’s Disease, to provide Simultaneous Interpreting Services for their CTAD-Asia event. The event was held in Hilton Hongqiao, Shanghai, with hundreds of attendees and many experts in the neurology field have been invited to present their findings and opinions on the latest development in treatment of this disease.

CTAD audiences

YBD Translations was contacted by our client a few months prior to this event to help them translate their website into Chinese, provide liaison interpreting services later on to accompany her visit to Shanghai for arrangements with the hotel setup. Our client is very satisfied with the interpreter we arranged for this visit and in fact, fell in love with the city. She said and I quote, ‘I cannot wait to come back again in September(the month when the conference would be held).’

CTAD Presentation PPT

We were also in charge of the Simultaneous Translation Equipment for this conference, namely, the booth, receivers, headphones, etc., and translated the guests’ presentation slides in a volume of tens of thousands of words. The requests sometimes came in at quite inconvenient times, such as, for those inquiries written in Chinese, however, we happily cooperated in every step of the way and made it a success.

The simultaneous translation booth

During the 3-day conferences, in addition to simultaneous translation services and equipment rental, we also sent several hostesses to help with the registrations for the participants, and a head coordinator to help organize everything.

Our client was deeply impressed by our professional services and they decided to ask us again the next year for the same conference to be held in Beijing.

CTAD conference venue

Note that, during this whole period, we always do the work first and never asked for any payment beforehand, which is our normal practice, work first, get paid afterwards.

To provide highly professional translation services has always been our commitment to our clients who have trust in us. It’s time to contact us at info@ybdtranslations.com if you have any translation needs.