YBD Translations Provided Interpreting Services for David Beckham

On September 25, YBD Translations, a specialist Chinese translation and interpreting services company, was entrusted by our client to provide consecutive interpreting services for Mr. David Beckham, for an event centered around his men’s grooming brand, HOUSE 99.

Chinese interpreting services for House 99

House 99 is a whole-new global brand of beauty care and skin care for men founded and managed by David Beckham. By cooperating with the high-end cosmetic department of L’Oreal Group, this brand is aimed to analyze men’s demand for beauty care and encourage them to express themselves and try various styles. HOUSE 99 covers a wide range of products, including skin care and hair styling products, hair care products, shaving products and body care products. These various products can provide complete and diverse beauty care schemes for men with different skin quality and hair quality. From the formulas to the names, designs and packages, all aspects of the products of this brand are invented, examined and recognized by David Beckham, which is to display the styling habits of Beckham and to build a set of outstanding beauty care products and experiences.

Chinese interpreting services for House 99

YBD Translations was chosen due to its extensive experience in translating for the cosmetics industry, we have many highly qualified female interpreters who are interested in and frequently test different kinds of famous cosmetics brands themselves, and hold the highest certifications the translation industry has to offer.

Our Chinese interpretation service was used during the media interview at the later stage of the official launch of House 99 on JD.com, China’s amazon. David Beckham was asked to introduce the brand’s concept and visions, what advice he would give to men on grooming, and his own life stories.

Chinese interpreting services for House 99

The event has helped us gain more knowledge of the cosmetics industry and marked another successful case for us as a professional Chinese interpreting services company in the cosmetics sector.

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