What Makes A Good Conference Technician?

A good conference technician is someone you can rely on when you are in an event, conference, meeting, symposium and anything that involves an audience and a programme.

Conference Technician

What do they do?

These guys are the ones behind the scene. They determine all the peripherals required based on the hired system, load, transport, set up, test, run systems, troubleshoot, maintain and repair all the audio-video equipment.

These consist of microphone systems, audio visual equipment, interpretation equipment and many others.

They may record meetings and presentations on CD and with video cameras,  adjust amplifiers, coordinate graphics, and provide technical support.

They may often edit, copy, and store digital media, track inventory and order supplies.

They are first onsite and they are the last to leave.

What skills should a good conference technician possess?

  • Problem solving skills – they need to think on their feet and resolve any problems that arise during a meeting.
  • Attention to detail – when they pack the equipment for a conference, everything essential, spares and “for emergencies” are all in his kit to ensure continuity of service.
  • Time management skills – they need to be efficient in their work and mindful of how they utilize their time especially when there are time constraints during set-up or de-rig.
  • Work with minimum supervision –  more often than not, they work on their own in a job. As such they need to deliver a very good service without someone overseeing their performance.
  • Adaptable – as each conference is different and venues are different, they must be able to “go with the flow” and work within it. There are difficult venues to work in, difficult people to work with and demanding clients. They need to adapt to each and every situation they are thrown into.
  • People skills – as a technician, they will work with other technicians from the venue, the production company or the event organizer, not to mention the fact that there are also the different representatives of the client. They need to be able to work with them as part of the crew, the team.
  • Communication skills – ability to express themselves is a very important skill as they need to communicate with other members of the crew or team that are onsite. This is most handy when the system being used suddenly won’t work and he needs to communicate this to the client and delegates while reassuring them that all will be solved.

Formal qualifications is usually not needed to be a conference technician but experience is the major component and the skills outlined above is what makes a good technician.

If this type of job is something you would like to do are currently doing, we are always on the look out for Freelance Technicians.

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