Video Transcription Services

We are in the age of video, so it is very likely that your company has its own or third-party files that require a video transcript. Words are blown away by the wind, but what’s written remains, find out what video transcripts can do for your business!

video transcription services

What is a Video Transcript

A large number of companies have jumped on the bandwagon of creating, distributing and broadcasting videos, which ultimately creates the need to convert that file into text. This is where video transcription comes in.

Video transcription can refer to many areas but, in this case, we are referring to the process of converting the dialogue or speech of a video into text. If your company needs to turn video content into text, bingo! you’re looking for transcription services.

However, contrary to what many people may think, transcribing is not the same as simply writing. In the process of video transcription, several elements need to be taken into account: the nature of the transcription, the subject matter, the people involved in the video, its accent, the clarity of the audio or terminology; all this makes video transcription a complicated and laborious method that can only be performed by native speakers of each language.

Types of video transcription


video transcription

As in many other fields, there are different types of video transcripts, although if we categorize them from a business point of view, we could rule out some such as musicals. This leaves you with two types of transcription:

  • Literal transcription

In this typology, all the sounds heard in the video are written, that is to say, all the unfinished words are included, annotations with environmental sounds, errors, gestures, interjections…

  • Natural transcription

The most common type of transcription. In this case, irrelevant information, such as interruptions, noises or pigtails, are removed. As a result of this “cleaning”, a more professional and careful text remains.

How can a video transcript help you?

There are numerous reasons why you or your company may require a video transcript, whether it is because you have received a file that you need to convert into text, because a third party has requested a copy, or perhaps because you want to use the content in different formats, in order to expand your services or products. The video transcription includes a great number of advantages, among which we could highlight the following ones:

  • Leave in writing what was said in the video to give proof of this.
  • Generate text that is readable by search engines, something very important for the positioning of your company. In this way, you will guarantee an increase in visits and greater visibility online.
  • Distribute in pamphlets, writings, newspapers, magazines, etc. the content of a relevant session, such as a presentation, a webinar or a television program.
  • Have the content in writing, being easily accessible through databases or digital libraries. Creating texts is much faster and easier to find information.
  • Improve the understanding of certain groups, such as foreigners or people with hearing disabilities.
    Access to a public and / or major market.
  • Easy creation of content derived from the video, so you can use it at your whim.
  • Last, but not least, you can have your content in text format so that, if you wish in the future, create subtitles, either in the language of origin or in another, using professional translation.

As you have seen, with the video transcription you will enrich your content, making your videos and website more accessible and more likely to reach new audiences.

Leave the video transcription in the hands of professionals

It is widely thought that this process can be delegated to some of the company’s employees, often administrative personnel, without forgetting the well-known computer programs. However, the theory is far from reality.

The cost of video transcription in the hands of an in-house employee is very high, both for the time he would need and the time he would lose without doing his own work, let along his inexperience. As far as software is concerned, as we have already said, the transcription process requires a lot of background information and in many cases, inside knowledge, so there is no software that can do this properly.

For all these reasons and taking into account the numerous advantages of video transcription, YBD Translations is committed to the quality of Chinese transcription services provided by a Chinese translation agency with native professionals. Don’t gamble with your company, trust your content to an experienced team of people, you won’t regret it!