Translator’s Work: Flexibility and Adaptation

Flexibility and the ability to adapt to the needs of the client are fundamental qualities of our Chinese translators‘ work.

This includes flexibility in the services offered, in order to adjust them as much as possible to the needs of the event. A good interpreting provider does not offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Each service has a completely different linguistic and even logistical structure and needs. We study in detail the nature of the event and analyse the technical needs in order to offer a tailor-made solution for each occasion.

translator's work

However, despite planning, sometimes unforeseen situations arise that require the ability to offer alternative solutions.

What is the worst thing that can happen in a conference? That the speaker does not appear? Well, this is precisely what happened to us recently in a course. The plane in which our translators had to arrive had not been able to leave the airport because of a snowstorm. What was done? The class was given by video conference. We did the interpretation by connecting to the sound of our laptops and, thanks to that, the course was able to take place.

On another occasion, a client had assured us that he had the technical means, but when we entered the room the day before, we discovered that the simultaneous translation equipment was not adequate. We were able to resolve this mess thanks to the effort of our technical collaborator who, in a matter of hours, showed up with the necessary equipment.

equipment for simultaneous translation

While working, the translator has to adapt to the communicative situation of each moment. In bidirectional interpreting, for example, the interpreter must understand when it is best to change from the link mode to the whispered mode, or not to translate at all because the interlocutors are understanding each other perfectly without their help. This ability to react is essential to facilitate communication in the most effective and least intrusive way possible.

It may not be possible to solve all problems, but of course a problem-solving attitude helps to solve many of them. We consider this attitude to be part of our work and we will always be willing to make that extra effort to ensure the quality of our interpreting services.