Translation Quality Control Process

Today we want to give you a closer look on our quality system, in addition to what you may already know about how we work when you leave your translation projects in our hands.

translation quality control process

YBD provides a quality system that equates, and even surpasses in many respects to the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard for translation services. Our own quality system, implemented since the beginning of the activity of the company, has some high standards in terms of quality of services, because we want our customers are completely satisfied.

Want to know how we work? Well, do not stop reading!

When we receive approval for a draft translation or interpretation, it is assigned to one of our project managers who will be the direct contact with the customer at all times. The PM manages projects in accordance with customer needs and the complexity of the text to be translated, with the normal production of about 2,500 words a day.

Then we select the translator according to the language combination requested and subject matter of the document. Notably, as we have said on other occasions, our translators only translate into their native language, because it is the only way to get translations with the quality we are proud to offer. Generally, we try to designate a single Chinese translator to take care of translations of a particular customer, to maintain the same style throughout the professional relationship with that customer. Whenever we get specific instructions and glossaries that were provided by our customers, we pass on them to our translators. The project manager also liaises at all times between the client and the translator, for example, when the latter have questions about specific terms.

The translator delivers in advance the finished translations to the project manager, who then forwards the translations to the proofreader for a detailed editing, before they’re carefully reviewed by the project manager and finally delivered with confidence to the customer. 4 eyes always see more than 2! Our managers are also qualified translators with sufficient capacity to review the work and judge for themselves if there are any errors or misprints that can be corrected on the fly or indicate it to the translator to remedy the same. They also made possible arrangements for the formatting so that the result of the translation is as faithful as possible to the original document.

After the whole process, we will deliver the translation following the client’s instructions (usually by email, except certified translations that are delivered in paper). We are always open to suggestions provided by our clients, if you considers that any expression or terms is not to your liking, we will take note of it and adapt to your requirements.

Obviously, each project is unique, but always try to keep our line of work to maintain the essence of what we are since our inception, a translation agency built on quality.