Translation for the Purpose of SEO

SEO Chinese translation

Surely you have read not one, but one hundred thousand articles about how important it is that your web page is naturally optimized so that it ranks well in the main search engines and your potential customers find it more easily.

That SEO is important no longer puts anyone in doubt, but what some people are unaware of is that SEO can also and should be translated.

SEO translation consists of translating as professionally as possible both the visible contents and the invisible contents of a web environment.

Translation of visible content SEO

As you well know, Google and other search engines value more and more the excellence of web content. Its relevance to the final reader, its level of complexity and the added value they bring to the user, etc.

Do you think that this game rule does not apply to translations of a web page?

The conversion to French, Arabic, Latin, Russian or Polish of a web page must have at least the same quality as the original texts, a quality that is demonstrated in:

  • The length of inserted texts
  • The originality of the chosen theme
  • The depth or level of complexity with which the content is treated
  • The adaptation of the style to the characteristics of the reader
  • The richness of vocabulary
  • The linguistic, syntactic and grammatical rigor

SEO translation of visible content requires the translator to possess:

  • A native knowledge of the mother tongue of the final recipient of the translated content: vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, jargon, idioms, localisms, etc.
  • A solid knowledge of grammar, syntax, spelling and style of the target language of the translation
  • A long professional career that has prepared you to handle with ease the different types of web writing style: informative, formative, advertising, persuasive, communication and sales

Translation of Invisible Content SEO

The second important task of a translation agency or a freelance translator is to take care of translating in an original and rigorous way the different elements that make up the “guts” of a web environment.

Among which are lines of code that we do not read as humans, but that do track the search engines.

There are many and varied SEO content on which a freelance translator or a specialized agency would have to focus.

These contents include, for example, the following:


One of the most important parts of SEO is the choice of keywords.

That’s where you really know if your translation provider is specialized in SEO translation.

Do you think that the public of all countries has the same interest in the same keywords?

Translate literally those fifteen, twenty or thirty keywords from your website is a quality SEO translation ? The answer is no.

A good web translator specialized in SEO will know how to translate original and creative keywords.

But beware: you’ll also know when you should not translate a keyword, choose another expression, or simply forget about that word and translate the next one.

ALT Texts

Consumers of digital content today would not understand those web pages fifteen or twenty years ago that intended to sell products and services by placing text over text .

The current and future-oriented web pages use a thousand and one photographs, videos, infographics and animations so that your busy reader can better digest the important sales message.

Do you need to translate those images? The pixels that form them? Of course not, but you do have to translate their ALT tags: the title of the images and their description .