Translation as a key part of the sales process in an international market

The role of a translation and interpreting company is fundamental for companies that want to launch themselves into the international market. Specifically, in sales processes, large companies and SMEs need a translation service that makes it easier for their goals to be successfully achieved and for the language not to become a barrier.

When a company decides to open up and sell in the international market, it is likely to face several obstacles: legislative and regulatory differences, the adaptation of its products or services to the new market which it wants to enter, the management of its resources in the new destination country. But there is one main obstacle that is present in all phases of the sales and internationalization process: the language barrier.

If what you want is to carry out a successful sale, it is essential to be very careful and accurate throughout the communication and marketing process, for which a professional translation and interpreting company, as an ally, is essential.

Poor translation or an insurmountable language barrier can have disastrous economic consequences for a company that decides to go beyond its borders and launch itself onto the international market. So much so that, according to the European Commission’s ELAN report, “up to 11% of European small and medium-sized enterprises (some 945,000 companies) admit to suffering losses in their businesses because they do not successfully break down language barriers in their daily business activities”. (ELAN Report “Effects on the European Economy of Shortages of Foreign Language Skills in Entreprise”. December, 2006).

Translation in the international sales process

Chinese translation for international sales

So, as we have said, the professional translator must be present throughout the entire sales process in the internationalisation of a company. We explain why this should be the case, according to each of the phases of this process.

Translation of market research documents

Market research Chinese translation

When a company decides to launch its business internationally, the first thing it must do to make the sales process effective is to conduct market research. The interviews, documents and/or surveys that emerge from the research should be translated.

Translation of distribution and trade agreements for market access

Legal translation - Chinese translation services

The meetings that a company must hold abroad to close distribution or commercial agreements with other companies will be in another language. They will be carried out in the country in which the company is to be established. Therefore, a translation and interpretation service for these meetings is ideal. Likewise, the agreements derived from them must be correctly translated and sworn by a company of professional translators and interpreters.

Whether it is a product (e.g. a book) or a service (e.g. a software), the company going international will have to adapt these goods to its new country of sale. This means that the product must be translated for your new potential customers to understand and choose to buy. In addition, packages, explanatory manuals and other related materials must also be translated.

Translation in the sales or marketing and communication process

All marketing and communication actions to achieve sales in the new market imply the need for the services of a professional translator: in the digital part as well as in the non-digital part. For example, it will be necessary to correctly translate the website or posts in social networks, just as it will be necessary to translate displays, brochures, posters or packaging.

Last but not least, when the company that internationalises its products or services manages to close the sale, it is time to work on customer loyalty. It is necessary to “speak the same language”.

If you are still not sure whether a translation and interpreting company can be a great ally in the process of internationalising a company, we recommend that you read the benefits of translation in the internationalisation of a company.