Translate for the Fashion Industry: Welcome to the World of Transcreation

translation for fashion industry

Fashion and Identity

It was during the fashion week again. Many people need to be original, to have their own style, thereby distinguishes themselves from the masses. One chooses a sober black look, with distinctive sneakers, whereas the other go with colorful patterns and fabrics. People create and shape their identity through fashion. And designers play an important role.  

Fashion labels are constantly formulating and visualizing thei own styles and identities. They put a picture of their clothes and accessories on their websites, advertising campaigns and include the atmosphere of the shop windows important to radiate their own image.  

Also from the business community, there is a high demand for fashion. Companies want to communicate through fashion and lifestyle with the public. Think of companies like Dior, LV & Prada, who put their products in the market with fashion and thus to express their specific image and identity.

Multilingualism in the fashion industry

In the fashion industry, communication is by word and image: of course through clothing, accessories and styling, but also through visual branding, digital illustrations, graphics and text on websites, banners, product descriptions, advertisements, items in magazines, social media, et cetera.

The image and identity of a label are usually created by the founding country. When you want to promote a brand internationally, it must be carefully considered how its identity can be best presented across borders. Texts showing literal translation is not an option, then there’s another poblem, the look and feel of a brand for one country do not necessarily work out for people in other countries and cultures. The whole concept of a brand must therefore be translated. This can be a difficult task. Fortunately, there exists the possibility of transcreation.


Transcreation (synonyms: creative translation, cross-market copywriting, cultural adaptation) is the process of translating a creative written text or concept, in which the main objective is the preservation of the intention, style, tone of voice and context of the source language. It is also the translation of ideas, where the source is sometimes abandoned altogether.

A Chinese translator who specializes in transcreation: 1. a native speaker of Chinese, 2. has a very good knowledge of the source language, 3. has extensive knowledge of the local cultural values of China, 4. a skilled copywriter and 5. has a thorough knowledge of trends and terminology of the specific field (marketing, advertising, fashion). This represents a specific group of professional Chinese translators: freelancers whom YBD Chinese Tanslation Sevices collaborates with and is always looking for.


Translation of fashion websites

The fashion world is continuously changing.  That means lots of new and revised texts, including websites, which brings challenges for the translation industry to move with the changes. Making changes to the text in all languages is a daunting task: Export text, translate it and then import it and a week later everything changes again so you’ll need to start the process afresh. Website content can be sent to us with one mouse click to translate, and the content can again be put with a single click on the site. Ideal for fashion brands’ websites that should always be up to date.

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