Traditional translation agency vs. YBD Translations in terms of payment methods

Traditional translation agencies are limited in payment methods

The language translation business has grown over the years into an established and mature sector. In our country there are tens of thousands of different agencies, each with their own way of doing things. However, they are almost identical to one another at an essential point. Almost all payments go in the old-fashioned way. A certain advance has to be paid before getting started. Moreover, the translation is not delivered until a majority of the total amount is paid. This makes it difficult for ambitious companies to quickly jump to promising developments. YBD Translations learned this and applies a new payment method. In this article we will look at the differences in payment methods between a traditional Chinese translation agency and YBD Translations and what influence they have on your translations.

Paypal, Payoneer, and Western union are on the rise

how to pay for translation services

Firstly, it is useful to clearly compare the differences between a traditional translation agency and YBD Translations. YBD Translations uses considerably more payment methods than the average English to Chinese translation agency. Most companies work in the old-fashioned way, with which they pay via manual transfers. Often, at least in part, payments can be made afterwards. This is not possible with YBD Translations, since we have a unique system. This unique method allows you to carry out assignments via translation credit. This credit can be charged via Paypal or Creditcard. In short, YBD Translations puts the emphasis on translation balance , which makes the entire process many times more transparent. All in all, you can finance your outstanding assignments at YBD Translations through more different ways.

To innovate English to Chinese translation agencies with new technologies

We have seen that traditional English to Chinese translation agencies lag behind on innovative platforms when it comes to payment methods. This means that their customers can only pay through manual transfers. In addition, they are often required to transfer a portion of the amount in advance. Innovative language translation platform, on the other hand, integrate different payment methods into their system. YBD, for example, has a unique working method with which you can easily pay translations via Paypal or Creditcard. The system works with us through translation credit, which makes your accounting much faster and more transparent. So you do not have to worry about outstanding amounts that have to be paid afterwards. In short, at YBD transparency to the customer is always crucial.