The Secrets of Translating Scanned Documents

If we had to name the time we currently live in, we would probably call it the Age of New Technologies. In YBD we tried to adapt to this era as much as possible. In fact, for a certified translation,  you only need them to send us the scanned documents. You no longer need the original paper in hand. If there are people who are still suspicious of this method, we tell you why we do it, what makes it safe and also, for those who’re curious, how it can be done.

 translating scanned documents

Document scanned VS paper document

Some time ago we talked about  “security” translating a scanned document into instead of one on paper. You may think it is easier to forge a scanned document than one on paper, but that is not so. As we said earlier, there are electronic documents that are harder to counterfeit than paper ones. In terms of legality, there is no regulation that stipulates that only documents can be translated from the paper version.

More agile work

Receiving the document in electronic version greatly alleviates the translation process, in addition to the advantages it brings. For example, we have the “original” in the same format in which we will perform the translation. Which may seem silly, but it is not. It is much more comfortable, fast and effective.

More agile work


As we said at the beginning, technologies are constantly evolving and there are more and more tools or resources that can be used to streamline the work. The most conventional, which you may already know, is to split the computer screen into two, like this:

split the computer screen into two
How is it done automatically? Type the start key ( ⊞ Win) plus the left or right arrow at the same time, depending on which side you want to place the window.

Another thing that can be done is to convert the scanned document to Word, so we can perform the sworn translation right there. There is a website that converts all the elements of a scanned document into PDF to Word. Once you download it, open the corresponding scanned document and select “convert PDF”. Then click on “Enable OCR”, select Word as output format and go!

Thanks to these tools, certified translators can do their job better, since they can go straight to the point and focus on what’s the most important: the content of the document.
We hope you find this article useful and, if you need a translation, do not hesitate to contact us.