The Role of Interpreting in Complex Legal Cases

At YBD Translations we have an exceptional track record within the legal sector and increasingly we are being asked to apply our interpreting expertise in the area of depositions – which are often associated with multi-million dollar lawsuits. Depositions are scheduled appointments where attorneys are allowed to ask questions of a witness under oath before the case goes to court.

Depositions assist both parties prepare their cases by knowing what the basic testimony of the witnesses will be. Sometimes the witnesses do not speak fluent English and it is very important that they and the attorneys understand each other, so a professional interpreter is brought in for depositions.

The cases that we are involved in all tend to have a strong global dimension with the meetings and hearings often taking place in many different countries and for that reason we have worked in Asia, Europe, the UK and the USA.

The cases may centre on a patent infringement or non-observation of a clause in a contract. The implication for those involved in the cases is significant and for that reason the quality and accuracy of the interpreter must be of the highest quality. If a judge were not to be satisfied with the quality of the interpreting the case could be stopped.

So, what is the key to our growing reputation in this area of the law?

We have carefully established a team of top class interpreters across the globe who meet our strict assessment criteria, including in this case not only experience in legal subject matter but also the specialist knowledge of the subjects being discussed e.g. medicine or commercial trade agreements.  This gives clients an extra layer of reassurance and confidence that other interpreting services simply cannot match.

In addition to our work with depositions, we regularly supply interpreters for a range of other legal requirements including the preparation of witness statements and for hearings in local courts regarding family and civil matters.