Despite the economic crisis in some European countries,  translation services are actually increasing in demand for ‘minor’ languages.

This is because the demand for multilingual web content is on an upward trend with English still dominating the field of translation with 53.6% share. Languages such as Russian, Chinese, Spanish and French are moving upwards.

This means further expansion opportunities for businesses involved in the translations not only locally but also internationally. So, as we understand the demand for translation services will continue to flourish.


Companies will always look for ways to expand and increase their market share by differentiating themselves from their competitors. One of their actions in this move is to look for the excellent translation services which will combine high quality with low cost.

In the translation market, there’s an urgent need for companies to create a positive image in the global market in order to be able to win consumer trust for their products and services.

Chinese translation services

  • Trend # 3: Voice translations

Today, companies are looking for new ways to market and peddle their business in the global market. The days when only texts were translated have now gone since a good video affects consumers more than the written word. Therefore, to keep up with the growing demand, translation agencies should recruit translators who possess the skills of transcription, editing and video production.  This will make a difference if they want to differentiate themselves from the competition and provide specialized translation services.

  • Trend # 4: more and more automated translation tools are available in the market;

With the fast development of AI, the automation has also become more advanced in the translation sector. What has been going on throughout the past years in this area will continue and speed up in 2017. However, it is advised that these smart tools, although optimized, should not be used frequently unless it is for personal use,  otherwise you will find yourself exposed to many embarrasing language mistakes.

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