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In international conferences that involve multilingual participants, the most important factor for the event to succeed is to make sure they understand each other. With our  sophisticated and high technology conference interpretation systems, our Chinese interpreters can render simultaneously the speaker’s speech from English to Chinese and Chinese to English, which will be received by the event participants who can select their respective channel for languages. Our Chinese simultaneous interpreters always work seamlessly with our interpretation systems team to ensure that language is no barrier to understanding.

YBD’s offers highest quality digital audio results utilising our interpreting technology solutions. Our simultaneous interpreting system is highly scalable, you can choose multiple language channels , and we provide as many as thousands of units to cater for large events and audiences. With our equipment, you can rest assured that the multilingual event you are holding will be seamless and effective, regardless of its size or location. YBD helps you set the best system for your conferences, select Chinese simultaneous interpreters with the right experience, and dispatch onsite staff needed for assembling, operating and dismantling equipment. We take the burden of interpretation off your shoulders and provide a complete one-stop solution.

Simultaneous interpretation equipment rental package: receiver, booth, radiator, earpiece...

infrared receiver - simultaneous interpreting equipment rental
infrared receiver rental
booth - simultaneous interpreting equipment rental
Interpreter booth rental
infrared radiator - simultaneous interpreting equipment rental
infrared radiator rental

simultaneous interpreter console
simultaneous interpreter console
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central control unit – simultaneous interpretation equipment rental

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Intepreting Equipment Hire Explained in Video

What equipment do you need for a simultaneous translation event?

In this article we will briefly discuss the equipment used for simultaneous interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation or translation requires electronic equipment in most cases, although there are exceptions such as whispering. We classify the equipment into 2 categories: the complete conference interpreting equipment and the wireless simultaneous interpreting equipment for field visits that can be used in small meetings.

Complete set of equipment for large conferences

Simultaneous interpreting equipment rental

Simpler equipment for small group event

small group event interpretation equipment hire


1) Simultaneous interpretation equipment for conferences (complete equipment):

This system is used for conferences with many people where it is necessary to keep the speech fluid and avoid any problems or interruptions. The system consists of:

a) Microphones for speakers:

These are used to pass sound to the audience through speakers, but above all to capture the voice of the speakers so that the Chinese interpreters can hear it perfectly and with minimum effort. With this method, everyone who participates must speak into a microphone so that the Chinese interpreters can hear and translate.

b) Interpretation booth:

The booth is where the Chinese interpreters receive the sound of the microphones and from where they transmit their interpretation (or translation if you prefer) to the audience, via radio waves or another method. In addition, the booth isolates the Chinese interpreters from the sound of the room and prevents them from disturbing the audience when interpreting.

(c) Simultaneous interpretation receivers:

These devices, sometimes misnamed “translators”, receive the signal from the booth and allow the audience requiring interpretation to hear it through headphones. They can work with multiple frequencies, so that different members of the audience can hear different languages (if there are interpreters for multiple languages).

2) Portable simultaneous interpretation equipment for small meetings and field visits (minimum equipment):

This system is used for simultaneous translation of visits, when people need to be able to move around, or for small meetings where the installation or use of full equipment can hinder conversations. With this method, for example, people can speak normally, without having to wear a microphone all the time, but use only transmitter and receivers.

a) Portable transmitter:

This is a small device that interpreters can hang on their belt or put in their pocket. It operates on drums so the interpreters can move. It is ideal for field visits or for groups of tourists. The transmitter is used with a headset microphone.

(b) Simultaneous interpretation receivers:

These devices, sometimes misnamed “translators”, receive the signal from the interpreter and allow the audience requiring interpretation to hear it through headphones. 

What is the key to a good use of simultaneous translation equipment?

We have decades of experience in translating for conventions and international events in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

When we attend events and conventions we all know the importance of the simultaneous interpreting systems. YBD Translations has the most modern of simultaneous translation equipment to instantly translate for the international events.

English Chinese simultaneous interpreting for Frailty China conference shanghai interpreter booth
The key to a perfect use of the simultaneous translation equipment that we rent is that the communication is relaxed and effective, and at YBD Translations we will fulfill these characteristics by providing digital equipment and booths of excellent quality that allow our Chinese interpreters and translators to do their job in an ideal way.
We take charge of the installation of the precise technical infrastructure to transmit the lecturer’s voice to the booth in which the interpreter is located and from there to the headphones of the participants.
In this process, we can make the recording of each of the transmission channels for later review and editing. To achieve success at a conference and get the speech to be translated simultaneously and accurately in the precise language and for each of the participants, we have the best simultaneous translation equipment and the best professional Chinese Simultaneous translators.

Why rent a simultaneous translation booth?

These simultaneous interpreting booths are efficient, comfortable and useful equipment in all types of events and conferences, even when the participants speak different languages.

Simultaneous interpreting equipment rental in China

Within these cabins, adjusted to precise international standards, the interpreters work under efficient acoustic insulation.

On the other hand, these booths facilitate the possibility of conferences being recorded and audiovisual elements that support sound and translation can be added.

We offer simultaneous interpretation booths in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and all major cities in China.

Interactive voting specialists


At YBD Translations we offer the client an interactive voting equipment rental service that provides all the attendees the necessary resources for an efficient participation in any type of event or conference.

These equipment can be used in a wide range of possibilities, such as marketing presentations, presentations of a specific product, programs, election of a new president, shareholders meetings, etc.

The interactive voting can vote directly and instantly collect the votes of each of the attendees and reflect them on the screen. Another of its many virtues is the ease of use, being able to be used by any person without needing to be an expert in the field.

It is, without doubt, an excellent tool that allows the interaction of the attendees in any event, providing them with a different approach.

Why trust YBD for your international event?

The rental of simultaneous translation equipment allows us to overcome language barriers and provides added value to multilingual or international events: meetings , congresses , seminars , international presentations …

The quality of the sound is key and is an essential condition for the interpreters to do their job . And with receivers of quality simultaneous translation you can ensure that the participants of the meeting completely forget the language barrier.

To respect the development and flow of the event, it is important to have good interpreters and reliable equipment. Likewise, it is essential to have a reliable simultaneous translation system in an event with foreign speakers or audience. All this complemented with other audiovisual services that are necessary to guarantee an effective and correct development of the event (sound and public address systems, large format projection, etc.).


simultaneous translation equipment in China

In our warehouses in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and many other major cities in China, we have the widest catalog of rental of simultaneous translation equipment.

We have the most modern simultaneous translation equipment.

We install the necessary infrastructure to transmit the audio from the lecturer’s microphone to the translator’s booth and from there to the audiences’ headphones.

The voice transmission technology based on infrared and independent channels guarantees smooth and interference-free communication. If the fair or congress center does not have them, we hire soundproof and portable simultaneous translation booths that provide complete concentration and isolation to the interpreter.

YBD Translations offers rental services of quality simultaneous translation equipment at reasonable prices. We have any number of receivers that you may need for large or small events, in radio and infrared systems and from two to sixteen channels.

We have equipment for simultaneous interpretation of the best brands in the sector: Bosch , Philips , Sony , etc. Each one has its own features and adapts to the needs of each user.

Simultaneous interpreting equipment rental in China

We assure you that you will obtain the best simultaneous translation service and the best result for your conference, congress and event in the language you need and the modality most suited to your needs.

The installations we make are clean, without cables, with a great sound quality and without emissions outside the room.

The cabins comply with ISO 4043 safety standards and are comfortable to use, which is necessary for the interpreter’s work and does not require any work since they are self-supporting.

The receivers or headphones have an elegant design, a reduced weight and the sound is produced without interference.

Need help with your multilingual conferences? We are experts!