Russian to Chinese Translation Services

Throughout its history, Russia has developed the richness of its culture , and by the same way a way of looking at the world of its own. This different apprehension of reality in relation to other cultures must be taken into account in the Russian to Chinese and Russian to English translation services to arouse the interest of the largest state in the world. However, only professional Russian to Chinese translators , translating into their native language , have sufficient command of Tolstoy’s language and culture to offer a translated text that is completely in line with the expectations of the native speaker. That’s why our translation agency in China makes a point of honor to use only natives, mostly based in Russian-speaking countries to “geolocalize” their translations.

Culture in translation from Chinese to Russian or Russian to Chinese

The cultural dimension is an essential factor to take into account in translation; trivial phrases or words in Chinese can be misunderstood in Russia. The notion of politeness, for example, is different: profanity is unacceptable in the media. A vulgar term will have to be adapted and “softened” in Russian.

By their purely informative nature, the technical documents are little concerned by this specificity. The fields of politics and communication , however, require the professionalism of a translator certified and impregnated with the local culture to avoid any pitfall and maintain the vagueness sometimes necessary.

Terminological precision

The Russian language is extremely rich. For example, there are usually two verbs in Russian for one in Chinese, depending on the time of the action and its duration. This linguistic richness is a problem for Russian to Chinese translators, who sometimes lack equivalents in their language to transpose all the nuances of a Russian term. Only the experience and skills of a professional translator can produce a translated text faithful to the original document and respecting linguistic usage .

Having a Chinese to Russian translation agency at your side will allow you to communicate effectively with the 9th market of the world, in a professional way.

Website translation into Russian

With 280 million Russian speakers, it is important to optimize your internet presence. To do this, we recommend adapting your translated texts according to the algorithms of Yandex : this search engine is the most used by natives of Russian language. Through translation and writing services in Russian, our translation agency accompanies you in the recovery of your website to the first Yandex research results. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice!

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