Remote Interpreting Services

Any event can be considered international, it is enough for a speaker or the public to come from a country other than the one chosen to organize the event. So surely there will be more than one foreign language speaker among our attendees. This is the main reason why we have to think of remote interpreting services for events, with the aim of increasing our reach as much as possible and ensuring a fluid and effective communication.

There is nothing more frustrating than having a lot to say and not being heard or vice versa, wanting to listen and not being able to understand. Therefore, it is essential to overcome language barriers with good video remote interpreting services that allow us to approach those who we consider our target audience.

This seemingly logical conclusion leads us to assume that if our international conference is to be attended by speakers of other languages, we need to speak to them in a language in which they understand us. However, often, when we start looking for a remote interpreter for our event, we are faced with the personal and technical difficulties involved in implementing a simultaneous interpretation system.

We know what we are talking about, that’s why in YBD Translations we have created the simplest and most comfortable interpretation system, so that you can organize a multilingual international event, avoiding stress situations or headaches.

remote interpreting services

Solutions for remote interpretation

Today, simultaneous interpreting is one of the most complete solutions for event interpreting. For this reason, at YBD Translations we wanted to take a step further and have designed a system that combines the best technology and all the advantages of this type of video interpretation.

It is the fastest, most reliable and cost-effective way to prepare for any kind of multilingual event, as the viewer will only need YBD Translations’ app installed on a device with an Internet connection, such as a mobile phone or tablet, to hear the speaker’s instant interpretation clearly on their headphones.

We do not use canned voices and machine translations and with robotic voices that are very far from the conversation, we only use interpreters who are individuals and professionals, experts in the languages and subjects that will be used in the event, so the quality of service is more than assured.

Our platform manages to transmit in real time any talk to the interpreter, who will have been meticulously chosen to adapt to the demands of the organization, who will translate from their workplace, without having to travel to the event.

By avoiding the interpreter’s travel costs, we will avoid all travel costs and those related to the installation of the translation booth and the rental of receivers. In addition, it will greatly facilitate planning, as it eliminates all logistical and installation difficulties. All this allows us to offer a quality service with a closed budget, including VAT and prices per minute, without small print, additional costs and without commitments.

Remote simultaneous interpretation

As we mentioned before, YBD Translations’s innovative simultaneous interpretation system eliminates some of the difficulties characteristic of an event of certain magnitude in several languages, making you forget about the expensive installations of the interpreter booths, their microphone equipment or the entire network of cable equipment. In addition, you will be able to save yourself the extra expenses that you have to cover for the interpreters, such as travel, accommodation and per diems.

For YBD Translations remote interpreting system, a telephone, tablet or other electronic device with an Internet connection is sufficient to enjoy a professional, real-time, telematic interpreting service with a wide variety of languages such as German, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, French, English or Spanish. And if you need a more specific language, you can ask without any obligation so that we can put you in touch with one of our remote interpreters around the world.

Finally, you will be interested to know that our interpretation system will not only be useful for international events or congresses, but you will also have the possibility to enjoy all its advantages if you need to make a videoconference with a foreign client, for a telephone conversation or a formal or informal meeting in several languages. As simple as booking and specifying a date in the calendar of our website with our interpreters.

Distance interpreting for meetings

In an increasingly connected world there are many reasons that can lead you to interact with people who do not speak your same language. That’s why you may want to use our remote interpreting services as well as our translation equipment for your negotiations, collaborations on international projects, carrying out procedures abroad and so on. You have probably noticed that, in practice, when dealing with important matters, a deep command of the language is required so that communication is fluent and essential concepts do not escape. Even if you have a good knowledge of a particular foreign language, it may not be enough to achieve the business and personal goals you have set for yourself.

Faced with this situation, you only have two options:

  • Delegate to someone else, risking losing control of the meeting.
  • Hire the services of a interpreter who had to travel to the office, which besides being expensive, was uncomfortable and only within the reach of large companies.

Video conference Chinese interpreting services

Your meetings are important, that’s why, from YBD Translations we have created a revolutionary way of speaking at a distance, so comfortable and flexible that you will forget that you are speaking in another language. Our innovative system incorporates interpreters for conversations from your mobile or computer, without the need to travel, but nevertheless offering the highest quality of service. In addition, you can choose as many languages as you wish, without having to fill the room with people who translate the conversations for each of the participants.

We have two types of distance Chinese interpreting:

Interpreting for face-to-face conversations in different languages

With our face-to-face interpreting service, you’ll overcome language barriers when you share a table with people who speak different languages. All you need is a mobile device connected to the Internet and you can count on the presence of a professional Chinese interpreter in your meeting or conversation in an easy and fast way.

telephone Chinese interpreting services

Also, by not requiring the physical presence of the person in charge of translating the meeting, you will avoid focusing the attention of those present on a third person, which will help in maintaining non-verbal communication and eye contact between participants.

How does it work?

  • Plan: choose the languages of the meeting – remember you can choose as many as you want – and reserve the date.
  • Call: press the call button on our app and you will be connected to a Chinese interpreter.
  • Receive the interpretation: the Chinese interpreter listens to the conversation and translates it so that you can listen to it on your mobile.

Video conference interpreting

Multi-language videoconferencing is becoming more and more common, as it’s the perfect way to stay in touch with people in different places, minimizing the effects of distance. Now you can organize your international meetings online with professional Chinese interpreters regardless of the language spoken by the speakers.

To do this, you only need to log into our platform and you can make a video call directly, without having to install any external software, with the presence of professional Chinese interpreters for videoconferences that will automatically join.

Its operation is very easy

  • Choose the languages and the date to do it.
  • Invite participants by entering their emails.
  • With a single click, the video conference will begin.
  • The interpreter translates the video call in real time.