Prepare an International Multilingual Event

International fairs or congresses are events that are the order of the day for many companies.  Without a doubt, they are a brilliant opportunity to make new contacts in other countries, to get to know new ideas or startup projects and even to present your new work to a wide, varied and specialized public in your sector. However, preparing for an international multi-language event is no easy task, as there are many things that need to be done to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Preparing an international multi-language event can give you many business opportunities to grow and make your way into a global marketplace beyond the borders of your country. All you need is a desire to eat the world, to know how to grow in the face of the adversities you encounter along the way and, of course, to know the best solutions for interpretation.

How to prepare for an international multi-lingual event

prepare for an international multi-lingual event


To prepare for an international multi-language event, follow the methodological steps below:

First of all you must choose a suitable location for the characteristics of the event. There are pavilions that can be rented for the celebration of these events. However, it is important that you take into account the seating capacity well in advance, in order to choose a location that fits the capacity of the number of attendees. To find out for sure, you can send personalized invitations to the contacts you’re waiting for and wait for their confirmation to keep an estimated count.

Once you have the theme of the venue and the seating capacity under control, it is time to carefully coordinate and prepare the internal organization of the event. You should meticulously prepare a schedule to set the agenda, with short breaks for lunch or coffee. Also, don’t forget to prepare the cubicles for the different stands, hire a catering service and the hostesses. Also, you can’t forget to arrange accommodation reservations for your foreign guests if the event lasts more than a day.

It will also be important to organize everything related to the publicity and promotion of the event. Try to grab as many visitors as you can by advertising in the media or social networks. Finally, prepare all the documentation you need for the event, such as information leaflets, maps of the organization and most importantly, press books for guests and journalists who need to cover the event or have more detailed and concise information.

Hire a professional interpreter


prepare for an international multi-lingual event


Once you have the whole topic of organization under control, you need to focus on the best solutions for the interpretation of a multi-language international event.

If you’re expecting people from different countries, you need to find a way to ensure that all your attendees understand each other perfectly, and that they get the messages from the different speakers at the presentations or round tables. The fastest and most effective solution is to find professional Chinese interpreters.

Interpreters will be a key figure in your international event. Whether for public talks or negotiations between members of companies from different countries, they will be necessary.

For the conferences or different pitches you will need interpreters who will take care of the best simultaneous interpreting, so that it reaches the attendees in their language. Whether in person or by telematic means, the different interpreters of the event will be in charge of translating -almost at the same time- the speeches of the different speakers.

international multi-lingual event

On the other hand, for private meetings and negotiations you will need interpreters for consecutive translation. This type of interpretation is very useful for small bilateral conversations between speakers of different languages. The interpreter listens carefully to the conversation and translates it into the language of the other party and so on until the conversation is over. This is a slower process, but with an equally effective end result.

Finally, don’t forget to carefully check that the material for the interpreters is in perfect condition, such as headphones or microphones. In addition, it is also a good idea to provide support material prior to the event so that they have the necessary documentation to not miss a single detail of the different speeches. In this way they will be able to specialise in the subject matter or in specific vocabulary and technical terms.

Now that you know how to prepare for an international multi-language event, you have no excuse for not getting down to work and taking advantage of this opportunity to grow and make new foreign contacts.

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