Police Interview Transcription Services

YBD Translations prides itself in providing a fast and reliable Police-interview transcription service. With hundreds of transcribers chosen for their linguistic skills and areas of expertise, we are able to deliver verbatim or summary transcripts to our clients on a variety of turnarounds (overnight, 2 days, 4 days etc..).

We do not only work from CDs, audio and videocassettes or mini-disks but also our experienced transcribers work in real-time on site. Once completed, utilising our translation service transcripts can then be provided in any language.

Our transcribers are professional linguists with BA or MA degree in languages. They have minimum of 5 years experience in transcription and are fully equipped to deal with any type of file.

Our company uses the most up-to-date technology for transcription services. We are always up-to-date with the industry trends through seminars (including web seminars) and training sessions and transcription technology courses.

Full list of transcription services available is as follows:

  • Interviews conducted on tape
  • Interviews conducted on video
  • One to one interviews
  • Group interviews
  • Court hearings
  • Round table meetings
  • Documentaries
  • Conference transcription
  • Transcription of interpreting sessions
  • Transcription of telephone conversations
  • Transcription of confidential police recordings
  • Transcription of edited tapes, videos etc…