The pharmacy, as we said has a lot of relevance in humanity and we must bear in mind that it uses very varied languages ​​and not only uses a very specialized language, but also mixes with other branches of science such as the legal, administrative, computer, etc. For this reason, in order to carry out a correct pharmaceutical translation services, not only do we need a translator, but this person needs to be specialized in the sector and knows all the specific terms in the languages ​​that he will use in his work.

It is also important to note that these branches, the health, pharmaceutical, … are constantly updated by government authorities, both in the concept and of course in language, which requires very accurate translation by the translators.

Some examples of pharmaceutical texts in which the translation is used and where correct handling of the information is very important are the following:

  • Medical certificates (analysis, medical tests, medical examinations, etc.)
  • Manuals of medical instruments
  • Specialized articles in scientific journals
  • Technical sheets
  • Prospects
  • Advertising of pharmaceutical products