Mandarin Chinese translator or Cantonese translator?

varieties of chinese: Simplified, Traditional, Mandarin, Cantonese

Chinese Translation is where we distinct ourselves and what we’re proudest of. There are several varieties of Chinese, Simplified Chinese is used in Mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore, whereas Traditional Chinese is used in Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong. You would also hear about ‘Mandarin’, which refers to the spoken Chinese used in China, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. Also sometimes people talk about Cantonese, which is spoken in Hong Kong and Guangdong Province of Mainland China. So to sum it up, there are two types of written Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese, and two types of spoken Chinese, Mandarin and Cantonese. When translating from English to Chinese, it’s important to take into account the local cultures and customs. YBD Chinese Translation Services employs the most qualified native Chinese translators to translate your documents in a professional way that is adapted to the Chinese market.


Our Certified Mandarin translators cover most subjects that you may have, thanks to the many years of experience and the advanced translation technologies that we’re proactive to employ in our daily language translations. We can work with a broad range of files in terms of format or content, including:

• Patents• Technical documents• Online help
• Product specifications• Installation manualsWebsites
• Operating instructions• Product catalogs• Dealer portals
• Training materials• Product packaging• Marketing materials
• Health and safety documents• Video subtitling• eLearning

Why choose our chinese translators?


Our Chinese and Cantonese translators and Mandarin interpreters are either certified by prestigious translation assessment institutions like AIICNAATICATTI, have many years of experience working as Chinese linguists, or graduate from famous language institutes with good grades. Each and every one of them needs to go through our trial translation phase, those few who have passed it will work with us from small tasks at first, only who have passed our review with multiple projects will become our contracted full-time Mandarin translators.


You want your requests to be responded really fast, instead of speaking with a sales person, who forwards your message to a project manger, who then relays it to the Chinese translator, you spare the energy in delayed and ineffective communication with YBD Chinese Translators, with us you’ll have only one point of contact, who understands both translation and business aspects of your project.


Say you’re from the UK, US, Canada, Australia or any other English speaking countries, your local translation agencies may charge as high as US$ 0.3 per source word, or somewhere around $0.2(check out this Slator study on translation rates), with YBD as your Chinese translation partner, you’ll only need to pay less than a third of their rates. Chances are, even if you choose your local translation services, they’ll still outsource the work to the native Chinese translators like us, that is, if they’re serious about the business.


You might be wondering, why would I go for a Chinese translation company instead of a local one? After all, the distance between us make you hesitate. And what about the payment? Would it be safe? What if everything goes wrong? Don’t worry, for translation, you’re just an email away from us, same as with your local providers. What’s more, we adopt a pay-after-delivery approach for established and reputable businesses like yours.

Our clients say

"It exceeded expectations, I think your translation is excellent! And I will recommend your company to my colleagues"

For our English to Chinese translation of a press release regarding a Children’s book exhibition.
"The translation of Brooks Brothers magazine looks great, we’re almost ready to get it published"

For our English to Chinese translation of the famous fashion brand Brooks Brothers’ 100-page magazine.
"I can see from the English to Mandarin translations that you’re really serious about your business"

For our Chinese to English translation of Inspur’s HPC product information and introduction and their website in general.
"In our industry, it is important that all technical terms are translated correctly, and the subject matter knowledge of YBD is really impressive."

From a client in the manufacturing industry.

These are all unsolicited comments. See our translation service cases to learn about what we’ve done.

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