YBD Provided Interpreting Services for L’Occitane

On October 15, 2018, Olivier Bossan, founder of the French natural plant skin care brand L’Occitane, its Asia Pacific executive director Ms. LINA, and its annual brand spokesperson – Mr. Lu Han together showed up at Shanghai Changning Raffles, China, jointly leading a fragrant and romantic journey of the Provence hot air balloon and bringing the natural beauty of South France to the scene, so that all the attendees can feel the magic of happiness brought by Provence L’Occitane!

interpreting services provided for L’Occitane

YBD Translations, a professional interpreter agency and translation equipment provider,  was entrusted by this famous cosmetics brand to provide French to Chinese interpreting services, Ms. Shen, our French interpreter, certified by CATTI Level II in consecutive interpretation, was assigned this task. Ms. Shen professionally and elegantly facilitated the interaction between the brand executives and the Chinese guests, as well as the media interview later on. The questions asked mainly centered on the origin of the brand, the raw materials it uses, its commitment to sustainable development and the techniques it used. L’Occitane sticks to the traditional distillation technique, which is one of the main reasons which make it stand out among its competitors.

interpreting services provided for L’Occitane

YBD Translations’ interpretation services have been highly recognized by the founder of L’Occitane, who took a picture with our interpreter after the event and expressed their willingness to hire us again next time.

interpretation service for L'Occitane

As a full-range English to Chinese translation services provider based in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other major cities in China, YBD Translations has extensive experience serving clients from the beauty/cosmetics industry, which may involve very specialized chemical terminologies and is therefore not an easy subject to deal with.

Please email us at info@ybdtranslations.com if you have any needs for a highly professional interpreter.

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