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Your company is growing – that’s a good thing! But with it comes stressors of preparing to launch into the global market, and you’ll want to be ready. Finding a translation partner doesn’t have to be hard. Knowing the language translation process, what to expect and what to look for will help you be confident moving forward. This guide will walk you through the steps of localization for Life Sciences.


life sciences translation services

STEP 1: Choosing the right language service provider (LSP)

You might think that this is the easy step, but on the contrary, choosing the right translation partner for your localization services will set the stage moving forward. A few key things to keep in mind when moving through the selection process:

Quality – A highly regulated industry, with so much at stake, means little room for error. Do a thorough vetting of quality processes within the translation company. Make sure they are ISO certified and have checks and balances in place to measure translation quality levels for all steps of localization for Life Sciences.

Cost – Be sure your LSP has a robust translation memory (TM) application. Your LSP should also be able to produce analytics reporting for insight into such areas as total spend, translation memory reuse rates and cost savings. This can help you stay on budget and plan for future needs.

Time – A strategic partner for the long term will actually save you time and headaches. The right LSP will get to know you and your needs and be able to anticipate them. This will result in quicker turnaround times, even within a highly regulated industry such as Life Sciences.

STEP 2: Working with your chosen language service provider (LSP) and project teams

How do you manage your entire organization’s translation initiatives, and all of the pieces connected to it? With a stress-free translation management system (TMS) solution that works for you, and a strategic partner who will support you in every step of the product cycle.

From preflight to Translate-Edit-Proof (TEP) to delivery – aka beginning, middle and end for those not up on the industry lingo quite yet – your vendor should work with you through the entire process to ensure a quality deliverable, which will inevitably lead to an awesomely successful global launch. By having your LSP manage all steps of localization for Life Sciences, not only are there quality assurances, it also results in reduced cost and shorter timeframes.

STEP 3: The “sit back and let your language service provider work their magic” step

Working with knowledgeable, industry-specific, in-country linguist teams is crucial for Life Sciences localization. There are obvious challenges when translators lack familiarity with Life Sciences and aren’t in-country native speakers. Industry terms can be easily misconstrued from context. This can lead to costly financial implications, impact on productivity and sales, and competitive disadvantage.

Your LSP should offer proficient, in-country linguist teams with topic expertise and experience. Even better, they will assert that the translators have particular education, degrees and certifications for content that requires the involvement of a subject matter expert. The best vendors though, will also provide linguists with necessary reference materials and regularly evaluate their performance – meaning high quality work time and time again.

STEP 4: Ensuring a quality deliverable – taking the question out of, “It’s right… right?”

In the Life Sciences industry, quality is not a luxury – it’s a necessity. This is especially true when you consider the translation of your products and services.

Given the risk and liability involved in medical translation, deliverables must be absolutely error free. And the best way to ensure error-free labeling translations is turning to an experienced, ISO-certified medical translation company.

Having a translation provider you can trust is critical. You need to be sure that they are not only adhering to your regulatory standards, but that they are also able to comply with quality standards that affect translations within your industry. Making sure there’s a strictly defined quality process with checks and balances at every step in the workflow means you can breathe easy.

Now that you have a better understanding of the steps of localization for Life Sciences, it’s time for you to take the wheel in your search for the right language service provider.

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Expert life sciences translations, backed by ISO certifications and compliance

In today’s global marketplace, it is critical for life science companies to provide complete, accurate documentation in multiple languages – for a wide range of materials including for product development, testing, product usage, sales and marketing. Partnering with a proven life sciences translation provider is vital to success.

YBD Translations is an expert provider of high-quality scientific and technical life sciences translations for pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostics, biotechnology and clinical research companies. We understand the precision, adherence to deadlines and risk management requirements of the life sciences industry and can ensure that your product and marketing information is technically precise, while also culturally sensitive and relevant.

YBD Translations has years of experience in the life sciences translation industry

YBD Translations has provided hundreds of life science companies with high-quality life sciences tran

We routinely provide high-quality life sciences translation services in disciplines such as: slation services. Our linguists’ subject matter expertise and linguistic harmonization skills are second to none. This expertise ensures accuracy and consistency in terminology, adherence to local market idioms and reduces the risk of errors and the need for time-consuming edits.

 • Audiology  • Endoscopy  • Pharmacology
 • Biotechnology  • Gynecology  • Urology
 • Cardiology  • Neurology  • Vascular
 • Diagnostics  • Orthopedics

Our project managers are highly trained and committed so you can delegate with complete confidence, knowing that our team will deliver high-quality results, on time and on budget. Additionally, YBD Translations has proven experience with the following regulatory and risk management standards:

·         Risk management for labeling and documentation

·         Translation services for CE Mark requirements


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