YBD Translations Provided Interpreting Service for LeShi

Interpreting for Leshi

YBD Translations, a professional Chinese interpreter service provider and simultaneous translation device renter, has been hired to interpret for the famous online stream media company, LeShi, China’s Netflix, and now a multinational player in the Internet industry, accepted an interview by a Singapore market research agency recently. The company has been growing rapidly during the past several years and initiated the concept of “Le Eco”, which has received much discussion among the Internet community. The interview centered on the future of China’s Internet and a concern that the bubble in the industry may burst in the near future. The representative from LeShi, aided by our award-winning interpreter, Ms. Wen, had a fruitful Q&A with the interviewers who had come all the way from Singapore. Ms. Wen was the first-prize winner of Tianjin Interpreting Competition in 2010 and has provided interpreting services for 100+ plus conferences as a simultaneous interpreter or a consecutive interpreter. We’re very proud to have her as one of our most treasured team members for interpreting service.

YBD Translations is proud of our professional translators and interpreters who are experienced in the IT sector and can provide superb-quality translation and interpreting services in this area.