You might feel like no one understands you—your industry and subject matter, that is. Every vendor that comes along just doesn’t have the specific expertise and specially trained resources you’re looking for.

Is specialized content expertise too much to ask for with professional Chinese translation? Is it too much to hope that someone out there actually gets your business and what you’re all about? Nope. At YBD, we get to know you better than your founders, your shareholders and even your mom.

It’s pretty simple. Whatever you’ve got, we’ve got the deep expertise you need. Period.


When you need to deliver detailed financial information to audiences around the globe, you need culturally sensitive Mandarin translations, careful coordination of last minute edits and close adherence to tight timelines.

YBD Translations has proven success translating financial reports such as quarterly, semi and annual reports, fund fact sheets, prospectuses and a wide variety of marketing materials. We can also help you create and maintain multi-lingual websites.

This experience, global infrastructure and international network of linguists ensures that translation is a speedy, accurate and seamless process.

For chemical companies supporting international operations and customers throughout the world, providing accurate, multilingual documentation is a requirement of everyday business. Finding a proven language solutions partner who is experienced in the complexities related to process management and chemical engineering translations is critical to success. YBD Translations is the partner you need. 

As a trusted, technical, and expert chemical localization services for your target markets, YBD Translations has provided chemical translation services for hundreds of chemical companies dealing with raw and processed products. We routinely provide expert translation and localization services for a broad range of materials.

For automotive companies serving the global marketplace, accurate, easy-to-understand multilingual documentation is a “must.” Finding a proven language services partner who is experienced in all aspects of automotive translation is critical to success. 

You can trust your automotive translations with YBD Translations.

A proven language translation leader with 12 years’ of experience, we’ve translated thousands of documents for a wide range of automotive products including trucks, trains, agricultural vehicles, maintenance vehicles, construction and public transportation vehicles and more.

Success for today’s telecom and mobile device manufacturers means being able to quickly launch their products in multiple markets while maintaining stellar relationships with both their existing customers and network service partners.

Key to this success is the ability to effectively communicate in your clients’ native language, from the first sales call through every customer service experience.

Creating clear, concise multilingual communications requires an experienced translations partner for telecom and mobile. YBD Translations is the partner you need.

Whichever industry you are from, we are experts for your translation projects.