how to select the best translators

It is not just a matter of CAT TOOLS!

We really believe that our strength are the people who work for us and who have been carefully selected over the years in order to provide truly flawless translations!

Many of our staff have worked as a Chinese translator before becoming part of the back office, so we know the market well and its rules …

Personally, I have witnessed an abysmal change in the translation industry, so many more Chinese translation agencies throughout the years, the advent of new technologies and also … alas … the growing number of improvised translators! that is, those who think they just need to know something about a foreign language to be a translator! But it is not so and these improvised translators do not survive in an increasingly demanding market!

Because believe me … this is not a job you can improvise!

The job of a translator is an intellectual work that requires a number of personal qualities before language.

Translating is writing and writing is an art; for example, when we approach a literary text or a communicative marketing text, the translator should be native speakers of the target language with a perfect knowledge of the source language, but also have a perfect mastery of linguistic nuances, a lexicon above average and an innate ability to give sentences a magic touch.

As for the translation of technical, medical and scientific subjects, it is a MUST to have specific industry experience and specific knowledge of the terms you may have as doctors or engineers specializing in translation or translators who have worked in the medical-scientific field or technician for a substantial number of years.

How to choose the best translators in the market?

1) First, education background: our translators all went through a specific study (Diploma of Interpreter and Translator); We prefer linguists majoring in the field of translation and interpreting as the classic approach of language studies and literature has been somewhat less practical, while an Institute for Interpreters and Translators provides hours and hours of practical exercises of Chinese Interpretation or hundreds of thousands of words to translate, scientific articles to read and current events to write about, which makes the students ready to work once their studies are completed.

In addition, our translators did not stop at the simple level of education, but have also enriched their knowledge by attending specialized courses or have attended seminars like literary translation, translation for the machinery sector, translation for the tourism industry…. Even “Translating books for children” … and so on and so forth!

2) Another important factor is the experience : to work at the Business Translations a team member must have at least 10 years of experience in the industry, candidates must already have worked for various translation agencies and must be familiar with the IT tools …

3) And of course they must use TRADOS ! This is because now we can not do without the new technologies: the computer-aided translation tools are used to save us time and money!

We use a word count system that takes account of possible repetitions of the same word within the text: then this word will be automatically suggested by the system once in memory and we will apply a significant discount to the customer in the presence of a good percentage of repetitions of words, as well as to ensure greater consistency of translation!

4) Other important features are: reliability, punctuality, precision and …. Not least, flexibility ! Our focus is the customer and our translators must be able to work in teams with our Project Manager to suit each customer’s specific needs, to settle which can sometimes be quite a challenge: can I ask for an urgent translation to be delivered in 1 hour or 10K words from Friday evening to Monday morning!! But we are ready for anything!