How Can I Tell If My Chinese Supplier is Reliable or Not?

China offers many business opportunities thanks to its production capacities as well as affordable prices.

Every year thousands of entrepreneurs venture to buy in China; however, this adventure can really become a failure if you think you just need find a contact online, exchanging a few emails to confirm price and go ahead with the order.

Doing business with China requires -such as stated by the company Asia Quality Focus , the largest inspection company in Asia – there are two fundamental things to limit the risks: carefully select reliable suppliers and check the goods before sending.

Checking Chinese supplier

FIND A reliable supplier

There are several tools to find Chinese Suppliers. One is to hire the services of an sourcing agent or, if you have the necessary resources, visit professional fairs such as those organized by HKTDC and Global Sources in Hong Kong and Canton Fair in Guangzhou.

You can also consult databases online as  and, although in the latter case, according to Asia Quality Focus, the risk of encountering a scammer supplier is quite high.

Once contact has been made, it is essential to ask the supplier for references, copies of certificates , among other documents; But how to be sure that these information are valid?

Factory tour

To have the full assurance that the potential Chinese supplier is reliable, we recommend hiring a company to do factory audits, or if you want to do it in person, contact us for Chinese interpreting services, your major purpose for such a visit should be whether the Chinese exporter has the ISO 9001 certification.

So if it is the first time you are importing from China, it is preferable to hire the services of an inspection company, which controls the conformity of the product characteristics, and conducts testing to ensure good functionality and compliance of the goods as per certain safety regulations in the destination country, among others.