Hire a Chinese Translator

hire Chinese translator

Hire a translator in China to translate documents

Our translators can be hired to translate the following types of translations:

  • General translation: for those texts that are to be read by readers who are not specialized in a specific field. An example of general translation would be the translation of this article that you are reading right now, a text written in a colloquial language and that can be understood by readers with different levels of knowledge.
  • Medical translation: includes all medical reports, tests, diagnoses, articles for medical journals and blogs specialized in health sciences. As you well know, the doctors speak (and write) in a proper slang that can only be translated correctly by a translator specialized in health sciences.
  • Legal translation:  in a globalized, competitive and crisis world, legal translation is more important than ever. A  translator for hire who specializes in law will be in charge of translating those documents that any company or professional generates in their daily activities: labor and rental contract, payroll, business agreements, license and opening requests, mortgage and credit documentation.
  • Audiovisual translation:  If you are a video game enthusiast you surely know how much influence the translation has on the experience of the game. The same is true for movies – titles and subtitles – with television commercials, etc. Audiovisual translation is one of the disciplines with the greatest demand today.
  • Translation of webpages:  Translating a web page is perhaps the star of the moment “because of” the unstoppable boom of ICTs, social networks, e-commerce and the famous cloud.

Hire an interpreter for your communications


There are several types of interpretation: liaison, consecutive and simultaneous. Before you jump in requests for quotes, it is necessary to identify your needs: is the conference open to the general public, a factory visit, a meeting of 2-3 people? What will be the languages of the speakers? And who are the potential audience? How many people will attend? At what kind of place is it going to happen? Indoors or outdoors? These questions will indicate what type of Chinese interpreter you need.


hire Chinese interpreter

In the field of professional interpretation, as in that of translation, it is strongly recommended to hire professionals. Why ? Because interpretation is a real job, which is not improvised. It calls for special skills and requires good preparation beforehand. It is also a challenging exercise that requires great concentration.

It would be against-productivity to ask one of your employees who speak some Chinese to take on the role of an interpreter over a business meeting. Despite his/her skills, he/she will struggle to hold over time and commit even in the worst case, errors. Hiring a professional interpreter ensures smooth communication and a good image of your company.

Thinking about translation companies hiring: why go for a professional one ?

In these times where apps and automatic translation programs are found everywhere, it is more important than ever to know why we should go for professional translation agency to take care of our website, blog, video game or whatever it is that needs to be translated.

Surely you will ask yourself: Why cannot we use an automatic translator? Why invest our budget in using a professional translator?

That’s because hiring a professional does not mean to have him/her literally translate words and phrases from one language to another.

Transcribing words and translating literally are two things that the programs of automatic translation like Google Translate do excellently.

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5 Mistakes to avoid in hiring a Chinese translator

They say that prevention is better than cure. Pay attention to these mistakes when hiring a Chinese translator because, by avoiding them, you can achieve better results.

1. Looking for the lowest rate and then rush to find a good translator to correct or, in most cases, redo the translation

One of the first factors for clients to take into account in hiring a translator or translation agency is the fee. It is understandable and we all do. However, when choosing the lowest rate, is it reasonable to expect to get the highest quality?  When purchasing the services of a translation company, the fee is an important factor, but clearly should not be the only one to ponder. It is essential to determine whether the translator or agency has experience with similar customers and if recommended by our colleagues or possess reliable and verifiable references. In professional services, experience counts a lot.

2. Leaving the translation to the last minute

This happens when the customer does not know the work of the translator and does not know how long it will take to carry out professional translations (and to certify it, if necessary). The most serious is that this also happens with many clients who regularly hire Chinese translation services and schedule very little time for translation. Sometimes they spend a lot of time writing the original document to be translated but granted a very limited time for the translator to produce the translation.

While Chinese translation companies have experience in managing projects with extreme urgency, it is more advisable to have better terms.

3. Not giving the translator all the reference materials you can get

There is no single way to translate a term, the preferences of each client should be considered or, if there’re already translations for previous documents, it is advisable to provide such materials in order to respect the terminology and maintain consistency. We usually ask the client for these materials and sometimes they will follow our suggestions, sometimes not, sometimes they would send it later, when it has come a long way in translating and valuable time has been lost in reviewing the translation and correct it to follow the reference materials received. It would be much more efficient if the customer could provide these at the beginning of the project directly to the translator, avoiding delays and speeding up completion times of the task at hand.

4. Guided by recommendations from people who are not frequent users of translations

Despite the responsibility that comes with doing so, we all like to recommend. When someone asks for recommendations, especially on social networks, usually he/she will get quite a number of suggestions. But how do we know whose recommentation should we trust?

Often, people recommend a professional not because he/she is really satisfied with his/her translation services, or even sometimes he/she never even hired their services, but because it is a friend, an acquaintance, a relative, or someone he/she wants to help.

It is very important to ensure that those who recommend you a translator or translation agency have worked with the recommended party and can testify to their suitability and quality of their work.

5. Forgetting to confirm whether the rate is final or if there are “additional costs”

Many times the rate that a translator or a translation agency charges for translation is incomplete information. And comparing rates without verifying a little further can lead to unwanted surprises at the time of service billing.

It’s advised that a customer always check if the translator charges based on the word count of the source or the target texts(depending on the language in question, there can be a great difference between the two), if they charge extra for urgency, work during weekends, by complexity, revising, editing, formatting, proofreading, if the quote is final or should you add VAT.