Good Translations: the Key to Success for Chinese Companies in Europe

For many years, Western companies have been successfully entering the Chinese market. Europe and China are very proud of their good trade relations. Interestingly, during the recent years, more and more Chinese companies are taking the step to enter Europe. They’re making considerable investments in European companies, ‘made-in-China’ products are now more and more popular in the European market. Think of the most popular Huawei smartphones. These companies need good translations to successfully sell their products in the West. It is important to take into account the cultural and language differences in every European country. The help of a Chinese translation agency as YBD is also essential for a  Chinese company to be successful in Europe.

The benefit of good translations for Chinese companies


Chinese companies often settle first in the Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain. From there, they want to conquer the rest of Europe. This sounds easier than it actually is. Think of the language and culture that is different in each place. An English language website is also not nearly enough when a Chinese company wants to do business in France. Certain cultural habits should also be taken into account, which we will detail later in this blog.

Transferring the right message


The cultural differences between China and European countries should not be overlooked. Fortunately the specialized native speakers of YBD know exactly how to convey the right message. The professional Chinese translators are specialized in specific countries. YBD also provides comprehensive assistance at online marketing activities.

Translators avoid communication problems


China has a rich history with countless specific words, sayings and proverbs. These are used almost daily by the population. Often it is very difficult, if not impossible, to translate them directly. The culture is in the language itself. Cultural differences are also evident in the way in which people communicate. While Westerners are known to be very direct, Chinese are just very indirect. In particular, Dutch always say exactly what they think. Potential conflicts between Chinese and Western culture are often caused by the communication difference. The translators of YBD ensure this kind of problems get avoided. These specialists translate not only text, but also take into account cultural differences.

Translators avoid communication problems

Deliver a message

A translation agency is very useful when a company wants to bring her purpose, vision and slogan in a convincing way into other countries. Every day the native speakers and marketers of the agency work together to achieve good results for each country. But the agency is not only good for external communications. It even improves communication within a company. Often working with Chinese companies in Europe and local Chinese employees, they often communicate in English with each other and generally work well together. To make everything run well, certain matters are reported to the China headquarters, for example, the translation of official texts into Chinese so the director is aware of the ups and downs in the business.

Good translations are very important to conduct the business well. In principle, an employee of the company could take on this task. A translation agency is however a much better idea. The advantages of a translation service like YBD in a nutshell:

  • It makes translations always checked by native speakers. This means there is less chance of errors and cultural misunderstandings
  • An employee often has multiple responsibilities, so he or she often works quickly and makes mistakes. A translation company takes the time and delivers results which has been monitored and improved several times

Cultural Differences between China and Europe

Personal relationships play a very important role in China business. This phenomenon is also referred to as “Guanxi”. Chinese want to become good friends before they go into business with a partner. Numerous meetings and business dinners to strengthen guanxi. Consult Chinese partners and even negotiate when signing a contract. This way of doing business differs greatly from the Westerners. Instead of meetings, the latter group usually knows exactly what she wants to achieve.

Good translations are also important for business cards

The cultural differences between China and the West are noticeable when exchanging business cards. Chinese businessmen expect someone accepts a business card with two hands and then carefully study it. It is not particularly appreciated when you fold the card or writes on it. This implies that the business relationship is not good. Many Western businessmen are now aware of this cultural difference. Thus they are often providing a translation on their business cards. The cards prove once again that good translations are very important in business.

Name or title?

Finally, an interesting cultural difference. While people in Europe are increasingly being called by their first name, there is hardly any in China. The population in this beautiful country attaches much more importance to their title. It is therefore highly appreciated if someone  calls “Hong manager” or “director Zhang”. The two-sided business card gives you two basic choices. You can have someone with his or her English surname appear either with title and Chinese surname. However, you can often find someone who already speaks English who do not consider it a problem to be addressed by the English name.

YBD helps Chinese companies to get a flying start

There’s a very good trade relationship between the West and China. For example, more and more Chinese enterprises are found in Europe, and vice versa. Good translations play a very important role. YBD ensures that Chinese companies in each European country to get a flying start by providing outstanding translations, paying attention to cultural differences and effective marketing strategies.