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German to Chinese translation services places high demands on translators. In addition to linguistic peculiarities, it is important to consider cultural differences, so that it does not lead to serious misunderstandings.  YBD relies exclusively on native Chinese or German speakers and qualified translators. Experts transfer demanding content error-free from German into Chinese or Chinese into German. So content and form are preserved without any loss.

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German to Chinese translation

The quality of a German to Chinese translation or Chinese to German by YBD is certified. Through systematic quality management in accordance with ISO 9001 and regular audits by our internal quality team, we ensure that our German to Chinese translation service is continually improving.


As a major economic power, China has long played an important role for the German economy. However, Sino-German relations are often complicated by communication difficulties. Translations between Chinese and German place high demands on the respective German or Chinese translator, not only because of the complexity of both languages. The major cultural differences also play a significant role. Those who do not consider these risks serious misunderstandings. That’s why YBD relies exclusively on experienced Chinese to German translators who know the language and culture of both countries. In addition, our experts have extensive knowledge of the relevant subject matter in translations.

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translation experts

You need a Chinese to German or German to Chinese translation urgently ? Whether it is correspondence, contract documents or manuals, we will arrange an experienced German to Mandarin translator outside normal working hours who will be available for your assignment. For urgent cases, you have the opportunity to take advantage of our express German to Chinese translation service. At the same time, our approach ensures simple and speedy processing. The security of confidential data is always taken care of. We use SSL encryption and treat all your documents as strictly confidential. Even with urgent translation orders, there is an additional control by an independent second reviewer. 

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Very fast service, sometimes even earlier than promised, very good quality too, great value for money, plus very friendly contact person.
I was completely satisfied with the competence, the personal commitment and the punctual delivery. And the price / performance ratio is also good.

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