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When what we are talking about is translations of documents and texts of any kind from Chinese  to French or French to Chinese, it is important to bear in mind that French is a Romance language, which makes it similar to Catalan, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.

This, far from being an advantage, can be a very big risk, because if the Chinese<>French translators  are not good, they can make the mistake of thinking that all these languages have relatively similar expressions and, therefore, make translations in French without taking into account the naturalness or the organicity of the Gallic language.

Customers of Chinese<> French translations

Our translation clients from Chinese to French and vice versa are usually French companies from multiple industrial sectors and services, which have subsidiaries in China. Since the tourism between the two countries is booming throughout the years , we also carry out translations into French for companies in the hotel sector, the leisure and catering sector in general, as well as for government institutions such as certain tourism bureaus, which has entrusted us with several translations from Chinese into French.


Types of French to Chinese translations

Since the year 2000, we have translated from Chinese into French a wide variety of documents and texts such as catalogs of products and hotel services, translations into French of web pages as well as portals and ecommerce … We have also made legal translations in French of labor contracts, brochures and leaflets of marketing as well as advertising texts and corporate communication; confidentiality agreements between companies, privacy policies; corporate material for internal use, among many others.

Chinese to French translators and translation prices

The French are a people very proud of their language, which means that at the minimum failure, a text poorly translated into French can be considered defective. A grammatical error discredits the text and therefore the image of the company that originates it. For this reason, as a French to Chinese translation agency in China specializing in translations into French (and other languages), we have native French translators who have passed the relevant quality controls that we perform on our team frequently.

The prices and rates of French translations that we can offer you are very competitive. In addition, you have different options that allow you to choose depending on the budget you have for your translation into French, as well as the importance that the text has for your company and how much you want to adapt the communication to the target audience.

Likewise, we have a service for the revision and correction of texts to be translated from Mandarin into French, with the aim of preventing the translated text from containing errors originating in the original text.

To request a quote or to be informed about any of our specialized French to Chinese translation services, contact us by writing directly to, or by calling us on +86 15870620756.

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