Very Social At North East Expo

While at YBD Translations we work with clients from across the globe, we are passionate about the North East of England and are delighted to assist local companies with translation and interpreting services.

With that in mind, we always make time to visit events and conferences in the region to get a feel for the mood amongst the business community and to assess opportunities. One of the most popular events in the region is North East Expo which I have just attended.

A one-day event, there were over 200 companies exhibiting, a packed programme of almost 50 seminars and workshops, three networking events and a huge exhibition to browse. Despite a downpour the event was buzzing and the networking furious.

I am always keen to gain new insights and there was an interesting seminar on lead generation. It highlighted inbound marketing and the importance of good content. Of course, good content can embrace a multitude of things but very often in the digital age it refers to blogs, tweets and other social tools that can help forge connections, build brand and enhance website search rankings.

As more and more companies look to develop their own content strategies – and blogs and tweets move from being nice-to-haves to being a serious element within many companies’ communications plans – it is to be hoped that those operating in export markets fully realise the power of social media and recognise the need to invest in quality translation services. Consumers and buyers increasingly refer to social media to form impressions of a company, and quality translation will most certainly make that extra difference to ensure the prospect becomes a regular customer. In contrast they may also form the opinion that if your vocabulary and tone is weak that you do not care and they will abandon you.