Finding new markets to do business with is a goal pursued by most companies around the world. But what happens when the goal is to transcend the borders of one’s own country? What is the best way to communicate with a foreign audience?

Extra help may be needed.

Did you know that YBD Translations offers much more than just translations? That’s right. Our experts can be involved in all stages of a content creation process.

Want to know how we can help you reach a global audience? The assistance we offer to achieve this purpose will be detailed below.

Six services to enhance your messages; six options to compete in the international market.


From or into English, Chinese and Japanese. The aim is to make the translation look like the source language; the addressee should not think he or she is reading a translated text, but an original.


content translation service

Writing of service pages, articles of interest (for blog, print media), notes for social networks (Linkedin or Facebook), texts for corporate brochures and annual reports. These tasks are carried out with specialized editors who work from a brief and create unique pieces.


Chinese localization service

In this case the language is not changed, but the content is adapted to the idioms of another country or geographical region (take neutral China or replace words used in Japan but not in Singapore). Here, too, the location is taken into consideration. For example, change currency references (U.S. dollars to Chinese Yuan), degrees Celsius for Fahrenheit, points for commas, clothing sizes by cm (widely used in ecommerce sites).


Chinese proofreading service

It can be done for any language. It is carried out with expert editors who have a high degree of knowledge in specific sectors (medicine, legal, industry, etc.). It is worth noting that publishing is not a task related solely to literature. Every type of text creation or translation needs it.


creative Chinese translation service

How is it different from translation? The Chinese translator can (and should) take more freedom from the original text and adapt it to a completely different context.

Let’s look at an example. An advertising text in English, centred on a protagonist working in an office in New York, should be translated into Simplified Chinese. If you want the message to be more credible to the local audience, the translator has the option of positioning the subject in Beijing.


Chinese copywriting

Here we are referring to a more persuasive wording, which seeks to connect with potential customers, to whom it intends to sell. In general, we are talking about the creation of advertising content (graphics/video/audio), brochure writing and slogan creation, product name consulting (marketing area).


Competing in the international market is a possibility, as long as you have a strategy in place to successfully overcome language barriers. Offering this type of professional solution for your company is what we do at YBD Translations. Don’t let your message lose strength or effectiveness as a result of inefficient translation. Are you ready to optimize the overall impact of your business?

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