Brand Name Translation

In today’s crowded global marketplace, without a proper brand name translation, it can be tough to stand out and be heard—and that’s true no matter what language you’re speaking (or shouting through a bullhorn). From TV commercials to sponsored messages on social media to flashing red Web ads, your international audiences get constantly blasted with product and service information. You need to grab their attention, make a strong impression and keep your brand intact—in multiple countries.

  For companies in the Apparel, Electronics, Food and Beverage, Luxury Brands and Personal Care industries looking to expand their market share and revenues, it is essential that their employees are well trained on their products and that their branding is clear in the Chinese-speaking market.

e-commerce translation services

Ecommerce Translation

Shout it out with a tailored consumer market language translation and localization strategy. We know how to amplify your consumer brand’s voice so that your words strike a chord in every language and in every country—ultimately helping you sell more. And who doesn’t want to sell more? Or give the competition a rude wakeup call? Since 2008 we’ve been helping hundreds of global consumer brands launch new products and successfully enter international markets. We’ve put together custom solutions to help companies roll out websites, packaging, in-store materials and every other content type in nearly every language imaginable. That’s nearly 12 years’ worth of experience helping global firms deliver a positive customer experience in countless markets through consumer market language translation. Ready for a pitch-perfect reception of your global brand? Come on. Let’s make the world listen!

translation for global branding

When expanding your consumer goods and products internationally, it is important to communicate key product information in each country’s native language. Additionally, some countries require you to provide product information in the country’s native language. YBD lowers language and cultural barriers to help its clients do business more effectively in the Greater China Region.

Consider holding a press conference to give your products a boost in sales? Our interpreting services facilitate your site visits to your vendor’s factory, help you nail a contract in negotiation with your partners, expand your audience base in your product launch. Specifically, we offer escort interpreting services, consecutive interpreting services and simultaneous interpreting services for your different types of business activities. 

With your website in Chinese version, your products get more than 1 billion potential viewers, YBD Translations offers website localization services, we can translate and localize your product listings and SEO elements. We specialize in translating websites and will do more than merely copying your words into another language; we craft your website by conveying the meaning in the source language.

translate your employee training materials

Online training and certification of retail store personnel is often a key strategy for increasing brand awareness, knowledge and loyalty. YBD understands the art and science of getting preferred retailers and key employees to participate in the training and retain the pertinent knowledge. We offer a variety of e-Learning options including mobile, web and game-based training that can be incorporated into a program that learners will love and that will fit into their daily activities.

Common Content Types for Consumer Brand Translation

• Marketing materials

• Training materials

• Advertising

• Product packaging

• Product guides

• Websites

• Customer support programs

• Television commercials


• Multimedia programs

• Public relations campaigns

• Online help

• eMarketing campaigns

• Product specifications

• IFUs

• Installation instructions

• Help and tutorials

• Catalog

Why is it important to translate your product descriptions?

Product Description Translation

When I check my Facebook page, I find some kind of specific ads advertised on the column to the right and very often I get astonished. Most ads and products you want to sell are translated by machines and are difficult to understand. Obviously I never click on these ads because of the poor translation tells me that the quality is not important for these companies. But for me it is very important. The name of the product, the advertisement, the website, everything.

At the supermarket, I often find products on the shelves that do not have enough details in English. I need more detailed information. My purchase decision was based on the information. If the quality is not good enough I’ll never buy that product. I like protein bars, for example, and I would really like to know what ingredients are in them. You can find most of them in the English description, but it is difficult for other languages. And now law in the United States and Europe requires companies to translate all the information about their products but unfortunately this is not always the case. Some details are translated, some not.

As a language service provider, we believe that this deficiency causes losses at different levels. The customer does not click on the images and do not buy products whose description is unclear because of a bad  translation. The company’s image suffers in foreign markets. In the minds of customers a poor translation related to a company means poor quality.

The solution? Do not settle for anything less than a perfect translation when it comes to your products and product descriptions. The information on food, cosmetics are important as those of electronic and textile equipment. The labels, instructions, and manuals must be perfectly translated.

Who can provide these translations? Only those companies that are qualified with experience in the field. The manual of a computer should be translated and verified by experts of IT technology that have translated for years. Similarly the ingredients of a cream or perfume must be translated by experts with knowledge of chemistry.

And is reviewing ‘necessary’? All the time. Yes, it costs more but double check is a must for every product. The texts will be printed and published, and you have to be sure they are perfect.

The product descriptions are generally published and come in InDesign or Quark. If you send them in these versions we can provide a translation ready for printing that will save energy, time and money.

We translate labels, descriptions and manuals for thousands of products in the past and we can do it for you!

With dealers like Amazon, you can sell not only in US or UK, but also to China. You simply have to specify in your customer account that you want to automatically “sell on all marketplaces”. In order to achieve increasing sales in foreign countries, not only the ranking is decisive but also the communication with the customers. A product translation is definitely necessary.

More customers – more sales

In 2017 Amazon had 67 million customers in China, which is 10% of its number of Internet users. With a population of 1.3 billion in China, 1 billion in Japan, 50 million in South Korea, there is great potential in the other Asian marketplaces. With just a few clicks you can use your salesperson account across Asia. However, in order to reach the potential new customers, it is not enough to offer the products only on the foreign-language Amazon platforms. They must also be found.


In order for your products to be found and purchased, a translation of the product descriptions is recommended. Amazon offers an automated product translation. For some articles, this works moderately well, but in most cases blatant mistakes occur that make the customer doubt: “Do I really trust this trader?” A professional translation of your product descriptions has a huge impact on your sales success.

 Ecommerce product translation

Use the correct keywords in your product translation

The automatic product translation neglects what is most important when it comes to online trading: findability. Grammar errors and literal translations means your keywords do not work as expected. The native translators at YBD recognize the keywords and translate your product descriptions in an SEO-optimized way.

Shorten shipping time

The “shipping through Amazon” is not only possible within US or UK: You can also send your products to international dispatch centers, thus enabling your new customers to benefit from short dispatch times. Together with a meaningful product description and good photos, the customers will trust you.

Save on the price, not the translation

With a professional translation, you increase your sales, so you should not save on it. If you only want to enter the new market with only a few products, you will also benefit from the translation memory, which will save you on future translation jobs. Your advantage: We work with a fixed price system, so you always know in advance how much your translation costs.

A product translation is worthwhile not only on sale on Amazon, but also on other merchants like eBay or alibaba.

Product Localization

Incorrect translation of a label for the Agri-Food Industry can lead to strange results. How many times, during your vacation, did you buy a banal item in a supermarket just because on the label it was written something like “nice plant juice”? This example may sound fun but mistakes in packaging translation can mislead the consumer and may even have dangerous consequences. If the target audience does not understand a label at all or the cultural meaning is completely lost during translation, the product will inevitably fail. Mislabel the ingredients of a product and cause allergic reactions in people who are intolerant, the best way to end up with a trial in the arms. Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem: localized translation.

Wrong translation: the worst that could happen

Exports of the Chinese agri-food industry increased by 50% in 10 years. However, the international success of a product can only be achieved after appreciation and consideration of the cultural and linguistic differences of the exporting countries. To locate a translation is therefore to ensure that the message that is transmitted is familiar to the target consumer, that the product-communication that leads is interesting. In order to produce the same effect on the consumer in the target language as in the original language, certain elements of the mark must be recreated or modified: this process is called transcreation.

Indeed, the name of a brand can mean many different things depending on the language, and many companies have made the mistake of neglecting the labeling of their consumer goods, often with unwanted consequences.

For example, the American Dairy Association launched its “Got Milk? ” in the Spanish-speaking countries translating it by a famous”Are you in a lactation period? “. A surprising question, far from the original question, “Do you have milk?” “.

Coca-Cola did not do much better when it was first marketed in China, where the name of the brand was translated as “Crapaud fourre à la Cire”.

Finally, Mercedes-Benz is no exception, as when it launched its brand in China, the company adopted the pretty name “Bensi” before realizing that it meant “rush to death” in Chinese.

Why YBD?

YBD is an expert in translation for consumer goods, a specialist in the food industry and with professional Chinese linguists with a minimum of 5 years’ experience translating into their mother tongue. Localization is a process of adapting the marketing of a product to a language taking into account the culture of the exporting country and the desired impact of the message on the consumer. Until recently, a hotel in Cambera proposed a “grilled Moroccan Aborigine and its rocket salad”, a faux pas that could easily have been avoided if the localized translation had been used. At YBD, we deliver 95% of our projects on time and we commit ourselves to our slogan: “No mistakes leave our offices”.

So, when you next market a product abroad, think about our accurate and relevant translations!

Need help with translations for your brand? We are experts!