Translation for the construction and architecture sector

 the construction and architecture translation

All those involved in the construction business, for example developers, architects, engineers, investors and general contractors, need the help of professional and accurate construction translation services.

Building documentation includes blueprints and drawings, performance lists and accompanying documents, which must be created or accessible in the course of a construction project. According to the industry standard, blueprints and all related architectural and construction drawings, technical drawings, as well as the plans of the sanitary facilities and the electrics belong to the building documents, which are indispensable for the presentation of a project.

Outsourcing is now common practice in the construction business. In the USA as well as in Europe, one looks for skilled architects, who are able to prepare all necessary documents. And as a result of this development, design documents are more and more translated from English into Chinese.


A developer in Great Britain needs a blueprint for a construction project in China and commissioned a Spanish architect.

The architect needs all the information in English and / or Spanish for the preparation of the construction plan. In addition, he must be familiar with the guidelines of the local authorities in China. These are available in Chinese and are therefore to be translated from Chinese into English and / or Spanish.

In the course of the project, the architect must submit the construction documents to the developer / builder for approval. In some cases, the owner or the architect may make changes to the documents. These written amendments are then an integral part of the construction documents.

All this makes it necessary for all documents to be available in English and Spanish during the design process. When the final plans are presented to the local authorities in China, they must be translated into Chinese.

In this phase of the project, incomplete or incorrect Chinese translations could lead to the building owner not being granted a building permit. Chinese translation service providers can help the developer in the correct application for the building permit if the application has to be submitted abroad.

Large industrial projects require the involvement of many international experts, such as architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, structural engineers, fire protection technicians, surveyors, interior decorators, during the design process. And this is also of great importance for the support of a Chinese translation company.

Once the design process is complete, offers must be submitted. Negotiations with potential contractors may now be needed and Chinese interpreters are needed.

Developers choose the appropriate contractors and conclude the corresponding building contracts. The construction contract is a legally binding agreement between the parties and governs all details as well as the costs of a construction project. The contract must be in the mother tongue of all parties involved.

The construction documents are comprehensive instructions to the building contractor (s) for the execution of the project. All documents must be available in a language that is understandable to them.

Large construction projects often require external financing and complex financial management. All financial documents must be translated correctly into many languages in order to address as many potential investors as possible.

The need for professional translation services for all stakeholders in the construction industry can best be met by a translation agency with the following:

●    Long-standing, proven experience in the preparation of technical Chinese translations and in interpreting

●    In-house team of qualified translators and interpreters who are experts in the translation of building or architectural documents

●    Translators with access to the most up-to-date specialist dictionaries and glossaries and are familiar with the specific terminology of the construction industry

●    Comprehensive knowledge of legal institutions and technical terms

●    Experts in construction technology


Quality assurance department for construction translation

●    Experience in working with building design software: 3D, computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided engineering (CAE), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) etc.

●    The ability to meet the tight deadlines of tenders

If one were to search for an argument which would illustrate the importance of a good Chinese translation for the delivery of a first-class construction project, one would have to refer only to the origin of the Tower of Babel and imagine the architects of the time in their attempt to build a tower to heaven, had the help of professional translators been available, maybe the story would have been written differently!