The Chinese market has become a key way to achieve long-term growth for many companies. But to effectively reach out to China, a company must consider localizing its website into Chinese. Translating your website into Chinese(including Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese) offers key benefits such as: 

• Significantly greater market exposure 
• Product/service awareness and recognition 
• Customer retention 
• Reduced call center support required
website translation service


Website translation is both an art and a science. It requires a combination of language and cultural expertise, the right technology, and project management resources that extend beyond traditional language translation. It can also be time-consuming and costly, if you lack the necessary resources to dedicate to the project.

YBD Translations works with your product, marketing, and corporate teams to develop a multilingual website that is linguistically and visually appropriate for your Chinese audiences. The final product will be culturally appropriate to the China market while reinforcing your carefully crafted branding. Updates can be managed centrally while still allowing local input.

Translation is a major part of localization, but our experts also consider many other elements, such as local variations on what is appropriate, monetary differences, regulations, and internationalization of standard elements.

That’s why so many companies rely on YBD Translations for professional website translation. We have the all the resources you need to successfully translate your website into Chinese, on time, within budget.

app translation service

APP translation service

Translation innovation is in our veins—which is kind of weird, but it does give us an edge in assisting global technology companies like yours. Our in-house app translation service teams have created solutions for many of the world’s most tech-savvy global companies. With their specialized knowledge and experience, our highly trained Chinese translators and IT experts have performed everything from internationalization and app localization to systems integration and advanced automation. 

Chinese localization for your mobile app

Every day new mobile applications are born, whose probability of success in the Chinese market increases if they are translated into Chinese by a reliable Chinese translation company. It is important to have a translation agency formed by professional translators  that guarantee the best interpretation of the language.

YBD Translations provides professional Chinese translation services for your apps. For years, we’ve helped many leading companies localize their mobile apps into Chinese. Our app translation services include:

  • Translation and adaptation of the app content
  • Translation of mobile application user interfaces
  • Graphics localization
  • App internationalization
  • Testing of localized app
  • Managing multilingual app maintenance and updates

GAME localization service

China has already become the largest market in the world game today. According to the latest report by IHS, the video game market in China had a turnover of no less than 25,000 million dollars in 2017. It is expected to exceed 29.000 million turnover in 2018. According to these figures, the revenue of the game sector in China account for 5% of the world total: one in every four dollars of the video game industry is being billed in China .

video game localization service

chinese localization for your video games

In order for a videogame to be successful on the international stage, it is necessary to adapt them to the technical and cultural conventions of the target markets. In addition, depending on the platform and the complexity of each video game, it is accompanied by technical instructions, game manuals, online help, license agreements, copyright notices … documentation that must be translated so that it can be perceived as a quality product. We offer the following video game translation services:

  • Translation and localization of videogame interface texts.
  • Translation of audio scripts for video game subtitling.
  • Translation of technical instructions.
  • Translation of game manuals.
  • Translation of online help and files Readme.
  • Translation of packaging texts and other advertising texts.
software translation service

software localization

The success of your software product in international target markets rests on many factors, among them linguistic and contextual accuracy, usability, and functionality. YBD recognizes its role in safeguarding this success for our customers.

Reaching your global user base is about providing a product that they can use seamlessly in their native language. Furthermore, users are much more likely to adopt a product that has been localized into their language and remain loyal to the service.

Localize your software into chinese

Localizing software products for the multiple Chinese-speaking markets requires specialized expertise that extends beyond traditional Chinese translation services. That’s why so many companies rely on YBD Translations to manage all their software translations projects.

YBD’s in-country Chinese linguists are specialists in the field of software localization, guaranteeing native familiarity with the local language characteristics of your target markets.

We make use of the latest industry technology for localization, ensuring translations in your files remain consistent throughout and no errors that could undermine their integrity are introduced.

YBD Translations is the right language translations partner to ensure that your software products, applications, and content meet the language and locale-specific requirements of all your target markets.

Chinese Website translation – an inexpensive way to expand your market?

Chinese website translation services

E-commerce, is China’s – if not the whole world’s – fastest growing sector, and it is likely to hold that position for a long time to go. Growth in the consumer market (ie B2C segment) is ferocious: the total value for 2017 was, according to some studies , up to 20% more than in the previous year. Hot international markets attract Chinese merchants. The Chinese media has made huge efforts in order to be an easy and affordable companion to Chinese export companies.

Multi-Chinese online store are now considering feverishly to expand into new international markets by localising their websites. Many companies have done this years ago, but the market is huge and there’s still large room for new players. All though for some of them, they do not necessarily even know what this fine localization term means. This is actually converting the original material and website texts to the desired language, with translation following closely the new target audience habits, values and basic assumptions. Just as translations made by professional Chinese translators in general. Although the traditional translation industry has now entered into a number of new forms, but the goals remain unchanged: every business owner wants primarily new customers and additional sales, so that the conversion should be as high as possible.

How, then, this kind of website localization occurs? What is the quickest and least expensive way?

The actual translation can be done either directly in the website editor or by delivering separate files for post-layout. Here are the three most common approaches for our Chinese translation agency to produce website translations for our clients:

  • Translate directly from the Excel or .xml files

This is the most typical approach. The client copies the contents of its website into separate files, and send their material to be translated. Completed translations will be uploaded to the website, in which case the client receives the ordered translations in the same format back. This is the simplest way to localize the larger online stores with thousands of products. CAT tools have the translated data captured in the translation memory, wherein the updates or additions are also easy and inexpensive to be translated in the future. Our business model is automated as far as possible. 

  • Translations subscriber kotisivueditorissa

This is also a popular way to handle localization effortlessly. The client creates the translator IDs in your site editor, which is a copy of the original site and its content. Translators will translate all the materials directly in the editor, in which case the customer receives the translations on a turnkey basis. 

  • Copy + paste function directly from the website

The simplest way to localize a small website. The customer gives us, the Chinese translation company, its website address, and the translation agency collects independently all the data to be translated into one package for an offer. Before the actual translation process it is still necessary to review the material though. This is done to ensure only relevant content on the site are translated into new target languages. For example, the News and Blog sections do not directly support the intended use and are not necessarily relevant for users in other languages.

The Chinese translation services company should always take the SEO aspect into account during the localization. For example, it should have an idea of the most common search terms in each of the product/service offered by its client before the actual translation process, so that they could be placed, if possible, imperceptibly to the relevant places, however, without messing up the syntax and stylistics. Google crawls the site within a certain period of publication, thesearch terms placed in the translation would bring organic traffic from search engines.

Need help with translating your website, mobile app, software or video game? We are experts!