Chinese translation services for
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Let’s Crank Up The Volume On Your Global Brand Voice.

In today’s crowded global marketplace, it can be tough to stand out and be heard—and that’s true no matter what language you’re speaking (or shouting through a bullhorn). From TV commercials to sponsored messages on social media to flashing red Web ads, your international audiences get constantly blasted with product and service information. You need to grab their attention, make a strong impression and keep your brand intact—in multiple countries.

  For companies in the Apparel, Electronics, Food and Beverage, Luxury Brands and Personal Care industries looking to expand their market share and revenues, it is essential that their employees are well trained on their products and that their branding is clear in the Chinese-speaking market.

We hear you—and we’ll make sure your global markets do, too.

Shout it out with a tailored consumer market language translation and localization strategy. We know how to amplify your consumer brand’s voice so that your words strike a chord in every language and in every country—ultimately helping you sell more. And who doesn’t want to sell more? Or give the competition a rude wakeup call? Since 2008 we’ve been helping hundreds of global consumer brands launch new products and successfully enter international markets. We’ve put together custom solutions to help companies roll out websites, packaging, in-store materials and every other content type in nearly every language imaginable. That’s nearly 12 years’ worth of experience helping global firms deliver a positive customer experience in countless markets through consumer market language translation. Ready for a pitch-perfect reception of your global brand? Come on. Let’s make the world listen!

Chinese translation services covering the full spectrum of your global branding

Chinese translation for global branding

When expanding your consumer goods and products internationally, it is important to communicate key product information in each country’s native language. Additionally, some countries require you to provide product information in the country’s native language. YBD lowers language and cultural barriers to help its clients do business more effectively in the Greater China Region.

Get a chinese interpreter for your events

Consider holding a press conference to give your products a boost in sales? Our Chinese interpreting services facilitate your site visits to your vendor’s factory, help you nail a contract in negotiation with your partners, expand your audience base in your product launch. Specifically, we offer escort interpreting services, consecutive interpreting services and simultaneous interpreting services for your different types of business activities. 

localize your e-commerce website into chinese

With your website in Chinese version, your products get more than 1 billion potential viewers, YBD Translations offers website localization services, we can translate and localize your product listings and SEO elements. We specialize in translating websites into Chinese and will do more than merely copying your words into Chinese; we craft your Chinese website by conveying the meaning in the source language.

translate your employee training materials into chinese

Online training and certification of retail store personnel is often a key strategy for increasing brand awareness, knowledge and loyalty. YBD understands the art and science of getting preferred retailers and key employees to participate in the training and retain the pertinent knowledge. We offer a variety of e-Learning options including mobile, web and game-based training that can be incorporated into a program that learners will love and that will fit into their daily activities.

Need help with Chinese translations for your brand? We are experts!