Translation for the Catering Sector

The catering sector is a key part of the tourism industry, one of the fastest growing at the moment (21% in the global economy). But why is it growing so fast? The world is getting smaller and more and more people decide to travel and visit other countries. This greatly increases the demand for services such as catering.

Thus, as a result of the great diversity of people traveling and the languages they speak, there is growing need to translate everything that is needed to provide a quality service to tourists, among which you find:

Marketing and advertising material

At YBD Chinese translation company, our translators do a lot of different translations when it comes to the restaurant industry, including marketing and advertising translation. Unsurprisingly, companies want to reach new markets to have more customers. As a consequence, they have to be advertised in different languages.

 marketing and advertising translation

Chinese translators are required in a wide variety of languages for their websites, content, ads and brochures. Without these translations, it would not be possible for them to make the most of their potential.

Security and health

An excellent translation is particularly necessary when it comes to health and safety in the catering sector. No restaurant wants its food to be unsafe or unhealthy for its customers, so all this information must be translated. Especially for the possible allergic reactions that can suffer the clients.

Security and health translation

On the other hand, if a new business wants to settle in a foreign country, its owners must be able to know the rules that will govern their business. For these reasons, professional Chinese translation of current health standards is required. In addition, all safety information must be translated into Chinese.

Financial and Legal

Not only is Chinese translation necessary in health and safety matters, as we have just seen, financial translations and legal translations are also required. We are talking about the translation of local guidelines, laws and ordinances, especially in areas where several languages are common. In many cases, translators are also needed to translate supplier contracts.

 financial and legal translations

With regard to financial matters, Chinese translations of accounting documents, invoices, audits, balance sheets, etc. are often required.

Of course there are many other ways in which the translation is used in the catering industry. For example, many recipes need to be translated into Chinese. Not only the ingredients, the translators must also convert the measurements of them.

As you can see, professional translators have a lot to do when it comes to the catering industry. If you want to count on foreign clients, you need almost everything, from the translation of the menus to the health regulations.

Without the help of good translators, the catering sector (and tourism in general) would gradually lose the best opportunities to expand markets and explore the benefits of modern technology. That is why tourism translation plays a major role.