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Catering to customers around the world is what you’re all about. Anything less than that with your language translation, and well . . . it’s like placing pins on hotel beds. Or giving airline passengers headphones that play crying baby the whole way. 

Not exactly accommodating. Granted, communicating effectively with your multinational audiences isn’t exactly a carefree day at the beach. There’s the seasonality of your business, for one thing. 

Fast and frequent content updates can be hard to keep up with for language translation. Fierce international competition also turns up the heat. That’s why you need a global partner that treats you like a VIP.

We’re all about global VIP treatment.


For nearly 12 years, we’ve ushered many of the world’s best-known global brands to language translation and localization success. Our expert teams have done everything from taking booking engines global to localizing client loyalty programs to catering content for diverse clientele. 

We’ve partnered with airlines, rental car companies, hotel brands and many others in this dynamic space, creating tailored solutions that make the Chinese translation process easier.

We know how to deliver positive customer experiences in every market—so you can build brand loyalty around the globe. Consider us your all-knowing concierge of localization. 

We’ll accommodate your every request to help you arrive at the ultimate destination of language translation success. We just might not be able to steer you toward the best local bar. (Scratch that. We probably could.)

Destination translation success?
It’s a trip.

You’ve got many stops on your global expansion flight plan—and the real-time nature of your business demands fast and flexible language translation and localization services. We can handle all of your content needs:

Travel and Hospitality Translation Services that Yield Results

The Internet has created a vibrant and competitive international travel and hospitality marketplace. Savvy travel companies know that the best way to win the business is to communicate with travelers in their native language. It’s also one of the quickest ways to build international brand awareness.

As a result, travel and hospitality translations services are becoming more important than ever. That’s why so many companies rely on YBD Translations to handle all their travel and hospitality translations. 


A proven leader with years of experience in hospitality translation

YBD Translations is a longstanding provider of travel and hospitality translations to a broad range of companies including travel agents, tour operators, hotels, airlines, tourism boards, cruise lines, car rental companies, and more. We routinely provide travel and hospitality translations on a wide range of materials, including:


• Brochures 

• Travel articles

• Restaurant menus 

• Websites

• Customer communications

• Travel newsletters

• Travel itineraries

• Travel agreements

• Advertising video subtitling

• Marketing materials

• Rental contracts

• Destination guides

• Travel packages

• Accommodation contracts

• Travel Insurance Policies

• Tour guides

• Museum guides

• Reviews and Testimonials

All English to Mandarin translations are performed by credentialed subject matter experts and linguists with extensive travel and hospitality industry knowledge. All work is managed by a professional project manager to ensure that your materials are accurately translated and delivered on time, every time. 

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