Chinese Telephone Survey Services

Why Do You Need A Chinese Telephone Survey

Chinese telephone surveys are the basis for conducting a good market study in order to promote a product or service in China. But its usefulness goes further.  

When a company conducts a Chinese telephone survey, it usually has different objectives. It is usual to outsource this service to a Chinese market research company, since specialization is essential and also such a company has the right tools needed for telephone surveys.

Chinese telephone survey services

Thanks to telephone surveys, customer knowledge is improved in many aspects such as knowing your opinion about the company, brand image, products or services. It also improves the quality of monitoring of the level of customer satisfaction on products and services.

Through telephone surveys companies are informed of what their customers want. It is essential to know what they need, and in what way they can be helped.

Things to Note When Conducting a Chinese Telephone Survey

There are different variables when carrying out one type of survey or another, such as the form, measurement, who will carry out the survey or questionaire and with what objectives. If we have worked out these variables well, we will be close to carrying out a good Chinese telephone survey.

Surveys are still carried out to make market studies in order to develop new business possibilities in products or services, to carry out opinion polls, to know the habits of use and consumption of a product or service, for product test or study of thesis. In general, with this service you will get valuable information about your brand, the competition and the market. In this way, you can make more effective decisions based on knowledge of the current market.

At YBD, we conduct each survey campaign based on the needs of the client. There is also the option to control the process and receive reports that will indicate the type of actions you will carry out.

Benefits of doing Chinese telephone surveys

Among the benefits of doing telephone surveys, one of the most important ones is that they help to get information about the user. In a short time you can do many surveys and get many results.

Knowing the needs of customers, you can improve the user experience by adjusting the quality of the service or product. In addition, with all the data you will collect in this process, you can make decisions more easily.

On the other hand, surveys conducted by telephone have, in general, a low cost, and it is always lower than the cost of the face-to-face survey.

Telephone surveys are very useful when you want to obtain results in a short period of time. They also allow clarifying the doubts of the respondents, something that is not possible when the survey is self-administered. This also occurs in the personal or face-to-face survey. In the telephone survey, the respondent can be recalled, consult third parties, etc.

Following the advantages of telephone surveys, note that a smaller number of people are employed in field work, reducing costs and facilitating the flow of information and the operability of research.

The pollsters have a greater degree of efficiency, since they do not have to travel to the places of residence of the respondents, which can be geographically far away given that China has a huge land area with so many provinces and cities. Hence, the quality control of telephone surveys, editing and supervision are carried out better and more quickly.

Sample Telephone Survey

Among the objectives that a telephone survey can have is knowing the opinion on a particular topic, market trends or the preference between some products and others.

A telephone survey conducted in China will be as considerate as a face-to-face one. Their results have a value similar to what they would have after a field survey.

By doing the survey over the telephone, more people can be interviewed than if it is done personally. You can also segment the population or area that you want to survey.

The telephone survey model is characterized by short questionnaires and direct questions. The questions usually have two response options; since in most of these surveys the telephone keyboard is used. It is not a person who applies them but a system that can make several calls at a time.

This type of survey is used, for example, at election time to probe the preference that the population has over a candidate or party.

Market Studies and Telephone Surveys

The preparation of telephone surveys is closely linked to market studies that seek information about the lifestyle, habits, needs or tastes of customers. The current or future market is analyzed, seeking to know the behavior of loyal customers and potential customers.

Market surveys and telephone surveys usually cover a broad spectrum of subject areas, allowing research projects in different fields of interest about their clients.

It is important to cover as many thematic areas as possible in the market study and the telephone survey in order to investigate and analyze the clients. These studies allow us to incorporate new marketing strategies according to the changes that occur in the market.

Preparation of Surveys at YBD 

At YBD we work on the design, management and development of surveys for various purposes and we also conduct customer satisfaction surveys to find out if users are satisfied with the development of a specific product or service.

We seek to analyze the degree of acceptance of a product or the possibilities that a new product can have with market studies that allow conclusions to be drawn to our clients and also facilitate their decision-making based on the analysis performed.

We use different survey techniques depending on the audiences we are targeting. In addition to telephone surveys, we conduct face-to-face surveys and online surveys. You can contact us if you want to outsource the completion of a survey.

One-stop Solution: Survey, Recording, Transcription and Translation

YBD can record the telephone surveys in audio or video formats, after the survey is finished, our professional transcriptionists and subtitlers may transcribe the questions and responses, as well as translate them before caption them as per your specific demands.

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