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Chinese Transcription Services

YBD Chinese Transcription Services helps you convert audiovisual content into written text to be used either for subtitling or translation into Chinese. While it may sound easy, in fact it can sometimes be really challenging. The audio/video may contain highly technical terminologies, or have less than perfect quality. At YBD, we have many transcriptionists who have rich experience in discerning the most difficult part of audios/videos. 

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Chinese Subtitling Services

YBD Chinese Subtitling Services employs highly skilled subtitlers to handle large volumes of work at impressive speed using the most up-to-date specialist software and industry-standard guidelines while safeguarding quality. Whether you desire Chinese subtitles for English promos, Japanese subtitles for English training videos, or English subtitles for a Thai movie, YBD can help.subtitling.jpg

Chinese Voice-over Services

The success of your software product in international target markets rests on many factors, among them linguistic and contextual accuracy, usability, and functionality. YBD recognizes its role in safeguarding this success for our customers.

Reaching your global user base is about providing a product that they can use seamlessly in their native language. Furthermore, users are much more likely to adopt a product that has been localized into their language and remain loyal to the service.

YBD Chinese Translation Services delivers high-quality voice-over recordings to the highest standards. From documentaries to video games, we pay attention to the voice characteristics each project requires to be well received by the target audience. 

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Chinese translation of corporate videos SUBTITLES

Having a good audiovisual presence and generating impact on the customers seems necessary to improve the communication and image of a company. For this, it is important to have good subtitles in corporate ads and videos and a precise Chinese translation of the subtitles. 

Advertising campaigns and product launches are becoming more and more frequent, they need Chinese translation of the subtitles so as to reach a larger, global and heterogeneous number of customers or simply to enhance and keep up to date the corporate brand. YBD Translations guarantees quality Chinese subtitling services performed by professional Chinese translators.

Subtitling Translation

The translation of subtitles is an increasingly requested service, driven by globalization and the rise of social networks and internet within the world of communication and advertising.

It is possible that your company has decided to record a video in English in which you visually present your products or services explaining the characteristics of it.

If you want to spread it on a global level, there would be a small inconvenience, how can it cross borders if the only language of the video narration is English? This, of course, would prevent its correct export to customers of different languages or origin.

If there was no subtitling option, there would only be the possibility of recording different videos for each of the languages that are intended to be commercially available, something that obviously would cost more and would require more effort and time.

With the Chinese translation of audio and subsequent subtitling by a Chinese translation company, the task of internationalizing a corporate promotional video or commercial becomes the fastest and most economical alternative.

Additional benefits of capturing corporate videos

It is clear that the subtitling of corporate ads and videos guarantees the breadth of the target market, reaching a greater number of customers, suppliers, investors, enhancing and enriching the company brand and multiplying the chances of success. However, there are certain additional advantages that the Chinese translation of subtitling can bring.

Recently, the advertising agency MEC released a study that showed how, of the eight million videos that are played on the social network Facebook daily, up to 85% are made without sound. This information tells us that if you subtitled your corporate video you will be in a position to capture the attention of that audience that ignores the sound when viewing videos in social networks.

Although it seems obvious we should not forget that client with hearing impairments. Subtitling a corporate video in the same recording language will make it reach those with hearing impairment, and will also enhance the corporate image.

Adding text to your video is adding content. On platforms like Youtube, the subtitle of a video is indexed, which helps improve the online positioning of an ad or corporate video, to facilitate its search engine visibility. Therefore, to reach a greater potential audience.

Professional Chinese subtitle Translators

Experts in YBD Chinese subtitling services team watch and capture the audios or videos in different languages and later to transcribe the content to text and to translate it into Chinese for the subtitle, which will be embedded to the original video following an indispensable standards of punctuation, spelling and syntax that allow a clear, understandable and natural subtitling reading, respecting the cultural expressions and conditions of the source language in the final subtitling language.

In this interconnected world in which we live, expanding the languages of your advertising campaign can adds value to your company. Request the service of a Chinese subtitling agency that knows and stays alert to the audiovisual market, offering and facilitating the task of expansion and growth of companies through the viewing, transcription, translation or subtitling to different languages of their ads or promotional videos, can make the difference.

Need help with your video transcription and subtitling? We are experts!