Chinese Resume Writing Services

Who Needs Chinese Resume Writing Services?

Chinese Resume Writing becomes an important skill for many English speaking talents who’re looking to land a job in Chinese companies, given more and more Chinese giants are going onto the international stage, especially those internet companies, like Tiktok, for these people, a beautifully formatted, properly worded Chinese resume will make your job seeking much easier.

Generally, the Chinese companies in which you can apply for a job are international companies, which will require you to send a Chinese resume or CV or at least adapting it to a style which they are used to.

Important Things to Note in Preparing your Chinese Resume

First, when writing the Chinese CV, it is convenient to go to a native-speaking writer.The difficulty of the Chinese language is known by all, and writing it is much more so.  It will be necessary to adapt to some basic features.

Chinese Resume Writing Services


  • A Chinese resume always carries a photo. And personal data is very important. In addition to the name, address, contact telephone, height and ethnic group, although this is not usually necessary for foreigners, it never hurts to put them on it.
  • In China social networks are very important, and being in all of them actively will always help. In China it is very common to use a messenger, like Wechat.
  • The format of the Chinese CV is similar to that of English ones. It should be done on a folio, and be concise and clear with the information and dates. Select very carefully those knowledge that will be useful to get the job, and disregard irrelevant information.
  • It is very advisable to have the documents that accredit your level of the Chinese language ​​attached. As well as those that refer to the most important degrees.
  • In China, it is very common to include a cover letter, explaining why you want that job, what you can contribute to the company, and what your best qualities are. In Spain, the cover letter is not very common, but it usually gives a good impression of any CV.
  • If you have any questions, it is best to send the curriculum vitae in English , under the Europass format.

Chinese CV Requirements

When looking for employment in China, it is important to be sure that your resume will have the format and content that Chinese recruiters and employers expect.

Length: One or two pages is enough for your Chinese CV.

Photo: A recent headshot is expected in your Chinese CV.

Personal information: A Chinese CV should include the standard name, date of birth, address, telephone number and email address. You should also include more personal information : your gender, marital status, the number of children you have and their ages.

Personal summary: Although it is not mandatory, you can include a brief summary describing your skills and your professional objective if you think it will help you sell it as a good candidate.

Work experience: show your work experience in reverse chronological order. Include the name of the company, position, and the start and end date of each position. Describe your responsibilities and achievements in each position, but beware of any embellishment – too grandiose language can be seen as boasting. According to , “You want to remain modest, resist the flourishing language and stay honest.”

Education: The education section is very important in a Chinese CV – “for most Chinese employers higher grade equals greater capabilities,” says List your degrees and diplomas in reverse chronological order, and highlight awards and achievements that demonstrate your abilities.

Languages: Be sure to record your language skills, including your written and spoken fluency in each language.

References: If you have a written reference letter , it is acceptable to attach this to your CV. If not, just note that the references are available upon request.

Chinese CVs are direct and short – no more than two pages. They should serve to describe clearly and honestly and show that you are a great candidate to bring for an interview.

Chinese Resume Writing and Editing Services

If your Chinese language skills are not sufficient enough, or you just don’t have enough time to write one, you can count on YBD Translations to write or edit your Chinese resumes with expert Chinese writers who are also good at English, so that your experiences will be properly highlighted without getting anything lost.  Please email us if you need our Chinese resume writing and editing services.

Translate Your Resume from English to Chinese

If you want a Chinese CV, but you want to keep all the important information from your English version, then don’t worry, we can help you by translating your resume from any language(including English, German, French, Spanish, etc) into Chinese, so that you’ll have a well written Chinese resume whilst controlling all that you want to present in it.