Anything less than a quality-focused translation service can make your heart skip a beat. Imagine no historical record of what Chinese linguists changed and why. Missed deadlines. Products not getting into the marketplace on time, potentially dealing a fatal blow to your bottom line. Critical quality issues creeping in, forcing your staff to make corrections. If your medical translation service provider doesn’t deliver what you need, when you need it, it holds you back from delivering what your end users expect. There’s no need to face risks to patient safety and to your company’s reputation.

Let YBD breathe new life into your medical translation projects.

Your business lives, breathes and operates on urgency and control. So why appoint multiple translation companies to handle your program when that means multiple reasons to worry about your blood pressure? It’s why we’ve developed a holistic, comprehensive and strategic program dedicated to Life Sciences translation services. 

For nearly 12 years, we’ve been trusted partners of global leaders in pharma, biotech and other medical sectors to deliver stringent quality control and consistency in our  translations. No worries of pulse-pounding critical quality issues for our clients. We’ve pulled together disparate translation efforts across global organizations, saved companies major costs and helped them meet regulatory requirements—all while providing peace of mind.

Here’s how we achieve it through our specialized medical translation services:

  • An audit trail to keep track of quality control at every step of each project
  • Highly experienced project management teams who are dedicated to medical projects
  • On-demand reporting tools to help you make educated business decisions about your translation program
  • Open technology compatibility with whatever content creation or management system you’re using
  • Expert linguists who have extensive backgrounds in the medical field and who meet the translation industry’s highest scoring standards—with sub-specializations to meet your particular need, whatever your focus in medicine

Responsive, reliable medical translations by an industry-leading industry expert

For medical devices and diagnostics manufacturers, the pressure to get products to new and existing markets is greater than ever. To stay ahead of the curve, you need a responsive medical translations expert to help you produce multilingual product materials quickly and accurately, in budget and on time.

You can count on YBD Translations, a longstanding medical translations provider for the medical devices and diagnostics market.

In-depth medical translation expertise

YBD Translations has years of experience in the medical device and diagnostics industries. Our medical linguists’ subject matter expertise is second to none. In medical specialties such as audiology, cardiology, endoscopy, neurology, orthopedics, respiratory physiology, urology and vascular surgery, our expert knowledge ensures accuracy and consistency in terminology, reducing the risk of errors and the need for time-consuming edits.

Our medical translation experts have worked on a wide range of materials including:

• IFUs/DFUs 

• Case study report forms

• Medical journals  

• Product labeling

• Patient questionnaires

• Websites

• Packaging

• Clinical study report forms

Press releases

• Package inserts

• Patient diaries/ forms/ materials

• Newsletters

• Training manuals

• Informed consent forms

• Executive speeches

• SmPCs

• Patient report outcomes (PROs)

• Brochures

• Clinical trial documentation

• Core data sheets

• Presentations

• Clinical study protocols

• Scientific articles

 • Medical video subtitling and transcription

Unmatched quality assurance and risk analysis 

YBD Translations is one of the few medical translation providers in the world that meets a variety of international quality standards. Our commitment to these rigorous standards means you never need to worry about the safety and security of all of your language translation materials.

YBD Translations has proven experience with international business and regulatory standards such as: 

• FDA regulatory programs 

• Japanese Pharmaceutical Affairs Law (PAL)

• ISO quality and risk management standards

• CE Mark requirements

Proven, reliable medical translations

When you need a medical translations service provider who understands the precision, adherence to deadlines and risk management requirements of the medical device and diagnostics industries, choose the industry leader – YBD Translations.

Medical translations: why doctors should not translate

The general thought when doing medical translations is that only a graduate in medicine can do them. It is considered that, due to the complexity of some expressions, nobody who is not a doctor, pharmacist or health professional can take care of them. Some translation agencies even say that those responsible for these jobs should be only experienced scientists.

But should specialized medical translations always be done by a doctor? The truth is that there is a lot of myth in this thought. In fact, it is likely that a doctor does not have what it takes to perform a translation of the required quality. 

Chinese Medical Translation Services

Why this myth has spread

Because these are health issues, in which the life of a person is often in check, some people say that such responsibility should only be assumed by a medical professional. There are translation agencies who boast that their translators have scientific training, so they are considered better prepared than others to undertake projects such as translations for the pharmaceutical sector, technical manuals or certificates. It is an interesting fact, of course, but the fundamental thing is the professionalism, experience and quality of them as translators.

It makes a certain sense that a doctor is in charge of a text about his profession. But there is something important that has not been noticed by those who are inclined towards doctors instead of translators.

The keys to a specialized quality translation

What is really needed for a translation to be good is to make the texts have the same meaning with which they were written in their original language. And this is something that requires much more than a training in medicine. Technical preparation is needed in translation of texts, so  are experience in the use of different glossaries and an assisted translation system.

What does this really mean? That the ideal translator for medical translations does not have to be a doctor. The essential thing is that he is an expert in translations with an excellent knowledge of the language in all its extension . Only in this way will the text be given the same ideas as the source from which it was translated.

The work of a translator is a specialty , in the same way that a doctor specializes in a specific branch of medicine. It is possible that some experts in an area have enough basis to make specific corrections in their specialty, but what happens when they receive a text dealing with another? How to compensate the logical deficiencies of their scarce translating skills? The result can be at least mediocre, not to say that lacking rigor or directly bad.

If a doctor does the tasks that a professional translator has to do, why can not this be applied to other trades and let a cook take care of repairing a gas stove, for example, or that a painter can become a plumber?

Therefore, what is really needed to make specialized translations is a professional translator, able to understand perfectly both the language to be translated and the language in which the translation will be made.

The importance of an expert translator in medical translations

It should be noted that scientific language requires knowledge and experience that some translators do not have. It is important to choose personnel with extensive experience in the translation of technical texts , able to find the right word on each occasion, since even similar terms can have nuances that completely change the meaning of a phrase.

In addition, after the translation it is important to thoroughly review the text completely. In this way, any possible error can be detected and corrected. Therefore you can never leave this work in the hands of an automatic translator, nor try to do the translations as quickly as possible in order to move on to the next one. Only a professional translator is fully aware of this and will strive to do their job impeccably.

Can a doctor be able to do translations for the pharmaceutical sector? Nobody says no, of course. It is possible that someone with a medical background also knows languages and has also specialized in specialized translations in the health area. In this case we are not talking only about a doctor, but also about a professional translator, a very different profile.

Need help with translations for medical documents? We are experts!