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Our legal translation services include advice on the type of certification required and we can also provide notarization and legalization as part of our service. Typical documents we translate include Articles of Association, contracts, correspondence, judgments, licensing agreements, litigation documents, statements and new legislation. We also transcribe and translate audio recordings of witnesses.

Borderless Legal DOCUMENT Translation Experience

YBD’s translators effectively translate your legal documents. Even when you’re straddling two (or more) legal systems, such as statutory and common law, we will bridge the language barriers.

legal translation services
legal translation services


Over the years, our translators have assisted corporations in complex contracts and translated international litigation related to embezzlement, an airplane accident, and racketeering. We  have handled international leasing agreements in nearly a dozen different languages, too. 

Translate your contract, patent, agreements and more!

Translate your contract

As a leading provider of legal translations, YBD understands the ins and outs of multilingual contracts, policies, M&A content and more. We employ best practices to ensure legal accuracy with a 99% on-time delivery record. And, our network of 50+ in-region translators are hand-picked for their legal translation subject matter expertise. Services include:

  • Sales contract translation
  • Employment contract translation
  • M&A translation
  • lease agreement translation
  • Privacy policy translation

translation services for compliance

Translation and localization is critical to any global governance, ethics and compliance strategy. Compliance laws are dramatically impacting how international companies with global interests conduct their daily business. FCPA and UK Bribery Act translations are a critical part of many investigations. Whether you’re preparing a defense against alleged violations or localizing corporate compliance policies for employees in other countries, YBD Translations can help. Services include:

  • Translation for FCPA compliance
  • Translation for UK Bribery Act compliance
  • Ttranslation for GDPR compliance

translations for patents and ip

YBD understands the highly-specialized world of patent and intellectual property translation. This is a world where accuracy and subject matter expertise are vital.

Our professional translators are hand-picked for their extensive backgrounds in technical and patent translation. We employ only patent translators and editors who hold technical degrees (such as M.S.E.E., PhD., or M.D.) in engineering, science, medicine or computer science.

eDiscovery and Litigation translation

With the tremendous amount of electronic data that flies around the world in our tech-advanced age, it is not unusual for up to 50% of all content in the eDiscovery process to be in a foreign language for large cross-border matters. 

Whether you are reviewing relatively large or small volumes of data, having access to that content in English, can streamline the review process and greatly improve your understanding of the content. Combining our in-depth legal industry knowledge, legal specific processes, legal translation experience and scalability, YBD delivers the most effective solutions for your global discovery and litigation translation needs.


Signing a work contract, renting a home, buying a car, taking out an insurance policy, receiving an inheritance, and many other activities that we all experience throughout our lives are directly related to the legal world. When we must perform them for another country, or in another language, we must resort to a translation. These types of translations are called legal translations.

What is a legal translation?

Chinese contract translation

Legal translation consists of translating, for example, legal-administrative texts, whether public or not, that is, documents issued by a public body, or private, issued to legally regulate agreements between companies and individuals.

Those documents that, in addition, generate legal effects, that is, official documents, will require a sworn or certified translation. This type of translation should be done by a sworn translator appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The sworn translators, after passing the demanding exams that are periodically summoned and having received their appointment, are the only translators authorized to attest their translations before the authorities through their signature and seal.

The complexity of legal translation

Legal translation is characterized by the specificity and technicality of the documents to be translated. These texts, usually written by legal professionals, usually consist of very specific terminologies. Furthermore, as the Lobato studies clearly show, legal documents are often full of archaisms, subordinations and passive constructions that, together with the length of the paragraphs, the abundance of clauses and the rigidity of their structure, make text difficult to understand.

On the other hand, a large number of legal concepts which are often unknown in ordinary life would appear in these documents,  and moreover,  they can (and often are) not equivalent to the same legal concepts in other judicial systems (as is often the case between Anglo-Saxon law and Roman law).

Thus, and according to the Mayoral reports, it is essential that a legal translation be faithful and complete, as well as suitable and effective; since a “bad translation” of any legal document could lead to lawsuits and significant economic losses.

When do I need a legal translation?

The documents drafted by an expert in the field of law, as well as a large part of apparently financial documents but with a significant burden of legal concepts can be the subject of a legal translation.

Thus, we can find ourselves facing the need for a legal translation in situations of different kinds: from international commercial agreements in companies dedicated to export, to testaments granted to foreigners, through the translation of official bulletins of state agencies, or the translation of deeds of incorporation of a company, not to mention the translations of work contracts in international companies.

As we have already mentioned, some of these translations will have legal effects and, consequently, the documents will require a sworn translation. Among these documents, we could find birth or death certificates, academic certificates or even certificates of criminal records.

Why not risk my legal translation with any random translator?

Legal document translation services
Taking into account the characteristics of legal translations, as well as the fact that they can result in legal effects, a “bad translation” can cause legal damages for which not only the translator or his translation agency could be sued, but could also originate legal consequences for the issuer and the recipients of the translation; not to mention the economic losses that could be caused.

To ensure good quality in the service of legal translations, it is essential to contact a legal translator or interpreter who has not only knowledge of the working languages, but also knows the legal realities of the different communities whose languages he works with.

So, does not any translator work in legal translations?

No. Considering the specific requirements of legal translation, the translator of legal documents must therefore have training in languages, translation and law, so that he is always familiar with the content and style of each legal text.

For what documents will I need a legal translation?

  • Sales contracts and financial contracts
  • Scriptures for the constitution of companies
  • Social statutes
  • Powers notarial
  • Lawsuits
  • Judicial decisions
  • Labor documentation
  • Wills and trusts
  • Insurance policies and expert reports

There are countless legal texts. As we have already mentioned, any legal or financial document drafted by a legal expert, as well as any text that implies rights or obligations for one of the parties that sign it may require a legal translation .

What are the advantages of hiring professional legal translators?

“We do not need translators, our lawyers speak English.”

This phrase, which I have heard on numerous occasions, is usually the answer to a comment about the need to have professional translators when drafting a contract, translating a power of attorney or interpreting a meeting.

Chinese legal translations

The issue is that many times we are not aware of the importance of having translators until we are in a bind or need a person who is trained and prepared to interpret a trial, for example. Because not everything is worth it.

However, more and more legal professionals are aware of the importance of collaborating with professional translators to manage certain types of documents and interpretations. These are the main reasons that motivate them to hire their services:


It may be obvious, but the speed with which a professional translator translates saves hours of work for the lawyer. A translator handles language and terminology on a daily basis and its productivity speeds up procedures.


A legal translator translates thousands of words per day of specialized texts. This translates into better quality of the text and finally a better service/product.


It seems impossible that contracting a service is a saving, but yes. When a specialized translator is responsible for the translation of a document, the expense is eliminated in possible subsequent corrections, customer complaints and extra work hours that appear when a professional from another field has to carry out a task for which they are not specialized.


How many times do we prefer to invest in a service or product because we know that the result will be excellent? Whether buying a car or hiring the services of a lawyer, having a qualified professional who is responsible for offering a quality service that respects our reputation for the end customer is synonymous with tranquility.

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