Our company offers document translation services that adapt to all types of businesses as well as individuals. We have a wide range of services aimed at helping companies to have any written or documentation translated in an exact and effective way to the language they need.

We offer customized solutions, because we know that each company is different, that’s why our professional translators have a very complete and varied training , being specialists in different professional sectors to successfully translate documents of various kinds.

What kind of document translation services do you need?

Below is a list of the main types of documents we translate:

  • Literary document translation: it is the translation of literary texts (novels, prose, poetry, etc.). It requires a certain skill in being able to maintain the style, the form and the intention of the author of the original text in the final translation.
  • Commercial document translation: the translation of commercial texts (contents of a company website, brochure or other presentation for marketing purposes) requires a particularly effective communication ability to convert readers into potential customers.
  • Scientific document translation: translation of texts belonging to sectors such as medicine, biology or chemistry, which require highly specific skills to ensure accuracy of content and terminological accuracy.
  • Technical document translation: includes engineering, mechanical and IT texts, such as manuals for use, technical specifications, product catalogs, where it is necessary to have full command of the specific terminology of each sector.
  • Legal document translation: it is the translation of legal texts (for example, contracts, by-laws, judgments and other contractual documents).

Document Translation Services: Languages



• Thai







• Bahasa Malaysia

• Bahasa Indonesia


• Italian

• Greek

• Tamil

Certified document Translation

A translation is called certified when the professional translator or the document translation agency that produced it, certifies the compliance of the content (as in the case of our agency). The certificate of the accuracy of the translation that accompanies it certifies that it is accurate and faithful to the original text. The translator signs and gives the translation, moreover, provides his personal data and addresses in such a way as to be recognized as the official translator. This represents a sort of guarantee on the quality of the translation.

Document Translation services for companies

To meet the challenges of the economy, the key to the success of small, medium and large companies is to enter an international context, looking at not only US and European countries but also at fast-growing markets such as the Chinese, Indian , Arabic etc. This is why YBD helps your business by translating documents to helping your companies to enter new markets. This saves you time and money, as the necessary information is understandable on both sides. Your business can benefit from experienced translators in the field of:

Financial documents
Travel documents, visas and permits 
– Contracts
– Registration documents – Tax documents

Document Translation Services for Individuals

In a world where transport has become more and more convenient, the need arises to translate documents and contents for being able to study, work and establish contacts in a foreign language. In this regard, we provide our document translation services for works of any length, to serve individuals even for a single page to be translated. We have competitive prices and expert translators that will help you in the language combination you need: 

– travel documents and visas 
– contracts
– personal certificates

document Translation for foreigners and human resources

In a world where the circulation of goods and people is free but regulated, human resources are increasingly multi-ethnic and production spreads in different places around the globe, it is important to be able to easily translate documents to integrate workers and collaborators and to be able to easily interact with them. We offer at favorable prices translation services of documents and follow-up of the legal process for:

  • practical residence permit and renewal
  • translation of employment contracts and rent
  • personal certificates and documentation for family reunification
  • documents for regularization caregivers, domestic workers, workers seasonal and project
  • translation documentation for asylum seekers
  • cv translation, work contracts, safety manuals, corporate training material, company policies, codes of ethics, job searches and much more

Editorial document Translations

The English cultural industry has always been at the forefront and closely followed by the Chinese population. To have an impact on the market, but also on the imagination of readers and cultural users of different languages, it is necessary to work on high-quality editorial translations that can convey not only words, but the entire world and imaginary of the author. 
To achieve a good editorial translation, skills and abilities required are almost opposite to those required for technical, scientific or legal translations, where terminological and conceptual accuracy is indispensable. In fact, it is necessary that the translator has the ability to reprocess a  content in an artistic and literary way, while maintaining adherence to the words and style of the author, and contextualizing it in the language and culture of the target language (for example, translating idioms and proverbs). The goal of a quality editorial document translation is to produce a text that appears natural, without forcing and completely comprehensible in the target language. When we speak of editorial translation we tend to confuse it with “literary translation”. While the latter deals only with narrative texts (novels, stories), poetry, theater and in some cases cinema, and accounts for only 2% of translation demands in the world; editorial document translation is a macro-group that includes  literary, essay, journalistic translations that cover many areas of the written texts on the web. 

Translations of editorial documents

Our team specialized in editorial translations is made up of professional translators and proofreaders who are helped, if necessary, by external specialists. We put at their disposal all the tools necessary to work effectively, such as upgraded CAT, specific glossaries, text memories and sector terminology resources.

The translation work is entirely followed by a dedicated project manager, able to quickly plan and manage large projects in many language pairs.

YBD has professional solutions and low prices for every type of editorial translation you need. Our editorial translators are professionals with great experience and knowledge in various humanistic and cultural fields, possess a great expressive capacity and literary sensitivity and are able to respect the narrative coherence  and style of the original text content, localizing the terms and components where a contextualization is necessary. In addition, for publishing products, you can count on our DPT (Desktop Publishing and Typesetting) services to receive a finished product, translated, prepared and complete with graphics and layout, ready for printing.

We offer solutions for translations of:

– Academic and literary abstracts
– Journal articles
– Biographies
Press releases, editorials
– Interviews and reports
– Publishing products such as magazines, books, ebooks, essays
– Cultural guides and leaflets (museums, events, etc.)
– Cinematographic and theatrical scenarios, of radio and tv programs
– Song lyrics

YBD is committed to delivering quality translations to private individuals, US, UK and other European companies and organizations, as well as companies willing to open up to the Chinese market, with advantageous rates and prompt deliveries from our professional translators.

What’s Our Approach to Document Translations?

 Art of Translating

The art of translating involves more than substituting one word for another: It’s about conveying meaning and understanding from one language to another. This requires a degree of artistry beyond merely replacing letters and words with their dictionary equivalent. A famous example of the difference between mechanical replacement and the artistry of translation occurred when Coca-Cola attempted to launch its brand in China. The company transliterated its brand name as ke-kou-ke-la to sound like Coca-Cola written in Chinese characters. Unfortunately, the letters they chose actually meant “female horse stuffed with wax.” Only later did they correct their Chinese name to ko-kou-ko-le, which had a much more artistic meaning: “happiness in the mouth.”

Don’t let strange translation errors like this one
happen to your documents!

YBD Translations, a translation company based in Shenzhen, China, understands the importance of conveying the right meaning when translating from one language to another. The ideas behind your words are every bit as important as the language you are using to express them. We do more than just replace the words in your document with equivalent words in your target language (which is what an electronic translator would do), our professional human translators always look to preserve the original meaning and carry the ideas behind the words across to their new language. That way every translated document sounds as good in its new language as it did in the original.

Managed out of our Shenzhen Head Office, our expert language translators have years of experience working with a wide range of documents, including everything from business materials to personal correspondence. Whether your documents come from business associates, friends, clients, or relatives, you can rest assured that we will provide a fast, convenient, confidential, and accurate translation of your materials – whether you are a local Toronto business or an international organization.

YBD Translations has several professional translators who are in high demand: one translator specializes in Japanese to English translations for engineering and nuclear science documents, another specializes in Russian translation of legal, health, and finance related documents. Our many translators include language translators who deal with English to Spanish Translation, Chinese LanguageTranslation (including Chinese to English Translation), Greek and Hebrew Translation, English to Italian Translation.. and much, much more!

We utilize a comprehensive system of quality control to ensure that each document you submit returns to you in the best translation possible. We begin by hiring only the best translators to write translations that are clean, clear, and accurate. Each language translator has a wealth of experience and is a native speaker of the language he or she translates. A second translator reviews each translation to guarantee accuracy.

When you hire YBD Translations, you’re hiring not just a language translator, but a service provider committed to aiding you with the best in translation services. When you submit your document for translation, we conduct a thorough review to determine the scope of the project and its tone in order to craft the best possible translation. We then assign your materials to the most qualified expert translator who is fluent in both your document’s original and target languages and has the specialized industry knowledge required. This translator then produces a fluid and accurate translation, which a second translator reviews for accuracy. Only after we guarantee your results will we send you your completed translation, which we guarantee to be accurate.

When you hire YBD Translations, you’ll know you’ll always get the same result – whatever language you choose.

Looking to translate your document in a professional way? We are experts!