Chinese Data Entry Services

Data Entry is one of the most popular services outsourced by companies worldwide. Many companies need to perform some Chinese data entry tasks that are necessary if not, essential for daily operations. Often, these tasks take a lot of time and require large equipment and can be a great cost if they are handled at home.


Therefore, companies are outsourcing data entry to external partners that are specialized in handling this type of work.

Data entry outsourcing also helps companies manage ad-hoc projects and seasonal work volumes without the need to expand their equipment or hire seasonal staff. Data entry projects are unique to the needs of each company and may vary from data processing to labeling data, and from the data transcription to scanning data , etc. We have broken down the main data entry services by type to help you understand what types of data entry processes can be outsourced.

Online Chinese Data Entry vs. Offline

The two main categories of data entry services are online and offline . The difference is whether an Internet connection is needed for the data entry process or not.

Offline Chinese data entry

When an Internet connection is not required, data entry is offline. Processed files can be sent or transferred later to a folder, file, database or client. Some offline data entry tasks include filling out offline forms or typing data from a paper format to a digital format such as Excel or Microsoft Word.

What is online Chinese data entry

Online data entry is the process of inserting information with the use of an Internet connection. Online data entry is usually even more voluminous than offline data entry. Data is processed, entered, edited or updated in an online database. Some of the main uses of online data entry are the insertion of product information into e-commerce websites, filling out online forms, writing down and tagging data online, tagging images, updating CRMs , etc.

Most of the time, the skills needed to work with data entry are basic. A data entry employee only needs to have a basic knowledge of the computer and file software. A fast typing speed is not required unless there are tight deadlines to meet. However, despite being an easy task, data entry can take a long time.

Some companies require a large amount of data and information to be processed, which can be a great cost.

Types of Chinese Data Entry Services

There are several data entry services that can be classified according to the nature of the task itself. The level of difficulty also depends on the type of work and sometimes a more specialized approach is needed. The input data itself is a broad term used to describe not only information insertion from one format / file to another, but also the processing and data analysis .

The origin of the data to be processed or entered can be in several formats. Some companies need to copy information from handwritten notes , while other companies need to convert audio and voice files to text. Companies that handle a large number of forms need to process huge amounts of data and store the information in a digital base for later use or reference.

Countless data entry tasks can be grouped into four main categories depending on their nature: Data Cleaning , Data Classification , Data Processing and Data Conversion .

Chinese Data cleaning

Cleaning of data implies the organization of the information stored in the bases so that it is accurate and updated. Data cleaning, which is also known as data cleansing, helps to store the information correctly removing incorrect and duplicate information.

Tasks: database update, CRM update, database tracking, information research, duplicate removal, information modification, information correction, search and error removal, etc.

Chinese Data processing

Data processing means to collect and edit information for analysis or use it later. Data processing may be useful for several purposes, including the storage , the data analysis , the data filtering , the reporting , etc.

The main objective of data processing is to edit the data in a way that serves a particular purpose, such as analyzing it, finding trends, finding information easily, etc.

Tasks: data extraction, data analysis, copying and pasting, data capture, insurance claims data entry, accounting and figures data entry, database creation, information editing, photo editing, product editing, etc.

Chinese Data classification

Data classification is the process of organizing data into categories depending on the properties and characteristics of the elements. This data entry service helps to store information by ordering it so that it can be easily accessed and filtered. Data classification is also useful for AI and machine learning software.

Tasks: data classification, data classification into categories, data labeling, data annotation, data indexing, business card classification, product data entry, etc.

Chinese Data conversion

The data conversion , as its name suggests, is the process of converting data from one format to another . The data can be converted from a hard copy to a digital format or from a digital format to another (from jpg to pdf, from pdf to XML, etc.). The data conversion can be manual or machine-assisted.

Tasks: audio transcription, photo editing, writing data, copying information from handwritten notes, capturing data from photo formats, etc.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Chinese Data Entry to YBD

The outsourcing of data entry to a trusted partner can significantly reduce operating costs, improve the efficiency, allow the use of technological advances without investing and mitigate risks.

YBD is helping several clients operating in E-commerce, Food and Beverage, Travel, Entertainment, Insurance and Healthcare to handle their data entry tasks efficiently. Our solutions are highly adapted to your individual needs.

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