China Name Badge Supplier

China Name Badge Supplier

YBD is proud to announce that we have a new product on offer in 2019: Name Badges!

We thought it made sense to offer Name Badges when you come to us for voting keypads or interpretation headsets. You know how many delegates will attend the event so why don’t you offer your clients conference badging?

YBD has teamed up with our partners in China to help you provide premium conference badging for your meetings and events.China Name Badge Supplier

Firstly, our conference badges are a great communication tool: they can be easily customised with names, flags, agendas or any other important details.

Secondly, our customised name badges are a great branding toolfor the company or the event as we offer high level printing as part of the conference badging service along with a free design service.

Thirdly, our badges are eco-friendly as they are not made from PVC (harmful to the environment) and are part of a Waste-to-Energy Program.

So next time you contact us for voting keypads or simultaneous interpretation, why not ask us for some badge samples and see for yourself?