Biopharmaceutical Translation Service

biopharmaceutical translation

Biopharmaceutical is a branch of the pharmaceutical industry, with an incredibly technical terminology, very specific and evolving. It is also a global industry with various stakeholders: scientists, doctors, patients and business representatives, all these players should be able to fully understand what they read and share the biological product with which they work. For this reason, it is important to choose a biopharmaceutical translation company with good material and human resources to translate and localize your biopharmaceutical products.

Experienced translators in biopharmaceuticals

Although some biopharmaceuticals such as vaccines, are on the market for years, there are many other of them matching all new therapies. Therefore, the biopharmaceutical industry generates specific procedures and regulations in contrast to other treatments and medical devices. These unique prerequisites associated with complex terminology can quickly render the biopharmaceutical content difficult to understand without the required expertise.

Keeping this in mind, at YBD Translations we have a large pool of experienced biopharmaceutical translators who understand the unique language of biology. This means that members of the team working on your project not only speak the language concerned, but also the language of your area. Combining an extraordinary industry experience with their advanced language skills, our Chinese translators are ready to translate and localize your entire biopharmaceutical content, regardless of their technical difficulty.

Our biopharmaceutical translators use translation tools aided by the latest computer technology to create a glossary of your terms and generate a translation memory.

These are regularly reviewed by our highly qualified Chinese linguists, as well as by members of your organization to ensure accurate translations keeping up with the pace of developments in the biopharmaceutical industry. Entrusting translation tools with advanced technologies to our translators and linguists, YBD Translations offers less manual review cycles and faster and affordable translations.

Biopharmaceutical translation services throughout the drug life cycle

Creating a biological product to its final destination, i.e., for the treatment for a sick patient, different types of content will be translated and localized, including:

  1. Scientific reports
  2. Newspaper articles
  3. Fact sheets of patients
  4. Tools of reporting doctors
  5. Patents
  6. Brochures and information leaflets
  7. Ads
  8. Promotional items
  9. Information sheets
  10. Product information for pharmacists
  11. Reporting forms for adverse incidents

Choose a Chinese translation company such as YBD Translations is the guarantee that any kind of pharmaceutical document will be translated accurately, in a timely manner. Given the tools we use, we are also able to conduct reviews of all these types of documents (or other) you need for your biopharmaceutical company to adapt to new regulations in using the drugs, changing the terminologies or other aspects as required which may occur during the life of the medical product.

No room for error

In a field such as biopharmaceuticals , it is essential that all materials are translated and localized precisely in order to avoid serious results. For example, if a regulator is not able to examine your research because of bad Chinese translations, your biological product may get delayed or not be approved. Similarly, if a doctor, pharmacist or patient does not understand the instructions of the medical product, it may bring adverse effects. There is simply no room for error in the biopharmaceutical translation. At YBD Translations, we understand that and we are ready to provide you with accurate Chinese translations of your content, at any time.

Various translations for international market

Because biopharmaceuticals are developed and used throughout the world, the entire content involved usually requires a translation into several languages instead of one. If this can be a problem for some Chinese translation companies, this is not the case of YBD Translations which is a multilingual society offering services in 50+ different languages. We founded our Chinese translation agency that way so that you can count on us for Chinese translation services and specific localization in any language you need to reach the international market you are targeting. Among the languages we work with, here are some:

Much more than traditional translation

When speaking of a varied and technical biopharmaceutical industry that we can not just choose any language service provider. You need a team with experience in the industry and in every country where you work to make sure your content is well understood. Then your biological product will help patients wherever they are and achieve the success it deserves on the international market for many years to come.