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You definitely need a Beijing interpreter to guide you through this great city! Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China and makes up the cultural, political and social heart of the country. It is a vibrant and chaotic city in constant evolution that takes giant steps as it struggles to maintain its traditional character .

Beijing is a city ​​of contrasts in which the modern skyscrapers stand majestically next to the small traditional houses located in the old hutongs of the city.

Why visit Beijing with the help of a Beijing Interpreter?

The Far East is a magical and peculiar place in which every day detail is curious for visitors. Beijing is a city wrapped in myths and legends that leaves behind a past marked by emperors of divine descent and luxurious story palaces.

During the visit to Beijing you can enter the Forbidden City , the fortress from which the emperors ruled for more than 500 years, and in other historical places such as the Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven . Beijing is also the ideal starting point to get to know one of the Seven Wonders of the World , the Great Wall of China .

Communism is a movement that remains very present in Beijing and many citizens remember with regret the time of President Mao , to which they pay homage in his mausoleum located in Tian’anmen , the largest square in the world.

Although Beijing is one of the most populated cities in the world , many of its citizens still live in small houses located in the traditional hutongs , which turn out to be a spectacle for its visitors.

Realistically, Beijing is not just red lanterns, small temples, traditional houses and some skyscrapers. The capital has a face and a cross, manifested by some citizens who have the habit of spitting, shouting, pushing and sneaking . In any case, these details also define tourism in Beijing.

YBD Translations provides Chinese interpreting services and translation equipment rental in Beijing for a wide range of Private and Public Sector clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

From large multilingual conferences to small one-to-one business meetings and interviews, there is no requirement we cannot meet.

Due to the demanding and vital nature of the work our clients undertake, YBD Translations is accustomed to providing Beijing interpreters at very short notice and often in remote geographical locations worldwide.

At YBD Translations, we understand the importance of providing a quality interpreting service and therefore all of our interpreters in Beijing hold qualifications in interpreting and even further qualifications in their specific field such as Financial, Medical, Legal etc.

Please see below for a full list of Chinese interpretation services which are available to our clients:

Consecutive Interpreting: The Beijing translator will listen and take notes while one person speaks for up to 5 minutes. They will then render everything that has been said into the target language. This is mostly used in one-to-one business meetings where are only two languages are spoken.

Simultaneous Interpreting: This type of interpreting (also known as Conference Interpreting) is most suitable where there are several languages spoken at large multilingual conferences and interpreters work in teams of two in a booth while the delegates listen via headsets. The Beijing interpreters working in teams will interpret simultaneously everything that is being said so that there is no interruption to your event.

Whispered Interpreting: Also known as ‘chuchotage’ is used where there a small group of people at a meeting who do not speak the main language and the interpreter will therefore stand close to the group and interpret in a low voice. This is also frequently used in the courtroom.

Public Service / Community Interpreting: Interpreters are required to interpret in a wide variety of settings such as hospital appointments, police interviews under caution, mental health assessments etc. The interpreter must remain calm and impartial, often dealing with sensitive and distressing information.

Sign Language Interpreting: A deaf person will communicate with a Sign Language interpreter using hand movements and facial expressions. The interpreter will then render this information into the spoken language. British Sign Language is the most commonly used in the UK. However, like the spoken language there are different sign languages and even regional accents.

Telephone Interpreting: This service allows interpretation over the phone and is extremely useful for short consultations. Whether your customer is with you or you are on a conference call with both your customer and the interpreter, telephone interpreting allows for fast connection to an interpreter and is often more cost effective.

Please see below for the other services on offer from Pearl Linguistics:

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