Arbitration Translation Services

The need for international commercial arbitration is growing every day and with that the need for arbitration translation services. Companies of all sizes rely on YBD Translations to ensure that their arbitration documents are translated accurately and on time. We’ve provided arbitration translation services for clients across the globe.

YBD Translations – a leading legal translation expert with years of experience in multiple languages

YBD Translations offers a range of language translation services to support our clients:

• Certified or Sworn translations • Language identification
• Foreign language optical character recognition (OCR) • Summary translation
• Multilingual lawyer or attorney review services • Machine translation
• For informational purposes only translation (FIPO)

We also provide cost-effective alternatives to sort, manage and reduce large document collections so that you focus your arbitration translation efforts on relevant materials. We can help you choose the most appropriate and cost-effective translation methods for your project.

Specialized project management for legal matters

YBD Translations is recognized in the industry for taking a consultative approach to every project and customizing our services to meet our clients’ needs. We have also developed software tools to streamline the process for our clients and accelerate turnaround on all projects. We will help you minimize costs while ensuring that arbitration translations are translated accurately and on time.

When you have arbitration translation deadlines that must be met, choose a trusted leader in the arbitration translation marketplace—YBD Translations.